Monthly Archives: July 2012


So its been almost 8 days since I made the initial post. A lot has happened, and a lot of updates are on the way. The new blog came with the new site, and it’s got some work done since the July 1st. I’ve done some traveling since the July 1st, and those pictures (and stories) will be up soon as well.

Since the “launch” of the new site and blog hasn’t officially happened, I thought I’d mention that I’m a probably change my theme. I wanted something related to Prohoto4 or something, but it was like $200 and I saw something i liked better. The Chateau (Click here) theme. It’s $2, and it will work fine until I establish the discipline to blog like how i want (future discussion – Procrastination & Discipline). The Chateau blog is only $2 (future discussion – My Frugalness), it looks nice, and has some of the features I wanted from the $200 ProPhoto4. The purpose of the blog is to provide consistent updates and information, and $2 Chateau will be fine for now.

The Initial Post!

Welcome to my newest blog. It will see changes and upgrades over time just like the author who owns it. Expect them. View them. Marinate on them. Most will make sense, some will not. In this first post, i would simply like to make reference to God, Alex Blocker, family and Photography.

1. God is good, all the time. And all the time, God is good.

2. Alex is the best 8 year old I know, hands down. I like him. He looks like me…99.99999%

3. You don’t get a hand in what family you belong in. I am very blessed, proud and thankful of mine.

My dad is the best role model of how to be a good dad. It’s unfortunate yours isn’t like mine, but I’m willing to share. Excellent provider, few words, big statements.

My mom is in a class of her own. Hearing or mentioning her name will either fascinate, intimidate or motivate you. She is the standard for the future Ms. Blocker.

Few have older brothers as caring, honest, successful and fashionably dressed as mine. I’ll take any advice and all the hand-me-down Banana Republic threads you give.

4. Photography is fun for me. I probably became interested in photography as my dad did photography when I was younger. He shot Canon film, and I shoot Canon digital. He likes Nikon digital, I like all good looking pictures.  I ask questions and share almost everything photography related with my dad.

I am random. Very random. Photography allows me to apply my randomness in a venue that allows for creativity and different “angles”. It is something that allows me to get in free to certain places, allows me to meet all types of folk, and makes me feel important. I think about it a lot.