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Maurice + Leah Walker {Hitched!!!} – 6.17.2012

                Enter Leah Skeete, a former Winthrop Scholar (Go Eagles!!!), member of Delta Sigma Theta (Xi Beta) and wonderful person. Enter Maurice Walker, SC Statue University Graduate, member of Alpha Phi Alpha (Beta Delta) and a cool young man. The wedding was Charleston, SC is simply a beautiful place. With so much history, water, culture, land and space, I see why it’s the most sought after destination wedding venue in South Carolina. The wedding was held a the Charleston Aquarium. The ceremony was outside and the reception inside. Pretty colors, the weather was nice, and the bridal party fun, energetic and attractive. This was a fun wedding…Congratulations Maurice and Leah!!!

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Creative Motion Design (Photography Website Company)

Yesterday I completely messed up my blog. I was trying (and still trying) to increase the width of the main section of my blog. I would like for it to be a lot wider than it is. That way, the pictures will be take up more space and be fullscreen like it is on my new site. My intent was to click here, click there, and that’s what I did. I also messed up some stuff. Big time. I couldn’t login to my blog at all as I successfully broke the link to sign in. And I did it within 15 seconds and 4 mouse clicks!!! But the support team at Creative Motion Design (where I got my new website from) had me back to normal in not time. I messed up on Sunday night, sent an email Monday morning, and if I had checked my email earlier I would have made provided the information to tech guy and been resolved faster. I simply checked the site to see if it was working when i got stationary, and sure nuff, it was working. Tech support didn’t even give me enough time to check up on the status before it was resolved.

It’s like that in life some times…you try this, you try that, and at times, you mess up. I sure have a good number of mess ups, and because of them, I’ve been educated through experience. In short, it’s good to have an upline that is able to listen, offer solid advice and produce results. I want to thank my Heavenly Father, earthly father, family, friends, associates, photography team and co-workers that offer such support to me, my business, my personal life and well being. If I hadn’t told you lately, I appreciate you all and hope to reciprocate the same type of support to you.

Dana + Derrick Williams {Engaged!!!}

Before this blog post goes into the real content, let me submit a preface first, and since I havent mentioned it before on the new blog I’ll say it now…I cater to members of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Just that simple. All other sororities are cool, but the Mu Xi Chapter (Winthrop University, Rock Hill, SC) of A.K.A. are the best. They were very influential to the creation and expansion of Around the Block Photography, and will always be special. My first ever paid event in photography was Mu Xi’s 30th Chapter anniversary, and my first wedding contracted through my own business was with a member of Mu Xi.

Through an event hosted from the Graduate chapter of A.K.A. came Dana Trenee. Exactly a month after the wedding the engagement session was photographed not to far from the wedding venue. Like clockwork, Dana gets her hair done at 4:30 every Friday. So me and Mr. Williams waited at the spot for her to arrive when done. And finally she came. Downtown Rock Hill, or Old Town Rock Hill as the restoration committee calls it. The engagement session was one of the shortest I’ve done, but the pictures were awesome, the connection was present and the weather was perfect. Enjoy…

New Website & Blog!!!

Well, it’s August, and the new blog and website is here!!! not exactly finished, but the design, setup and concept is established. A few more tweaking and appearance changes, and we’ll be in business. A few more days and it should be like how I want. For now, lets go with what we have…The 1st Official Entry!

So what better way to start off the blog? Pictures of recent weddings or engagements? Talk about cameras, computer stuff, or other gadgets? Giving away free stuff? Not exactly.

What happened today was simple. I spent time with my dad, son and spent it well completing some Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects at my granddads house. There were 4 generations of Blockers on a certain street in Columbia, and I’m proud to have been in the number.

Preparing to rent the house out is what were doing. I put up blinds, some smoke detectors, shades and outlet covers. I also ran over some wet cement in the driveway. With the help of my dad, I’d say its repaired now. Here are the pictures from the progress of the repair…