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{Photo-Booth!!!} | January 18, 2013 | Columbia, SC

It’s good to know people, and even better when you become a familiar face around them. I’ve seen the Roundtree’s from grade school all the way to now. I’ve worked with her husband through my first business (computer repair), and her oldest daughter (whose wedding i photographed) was the first person I captured with the 1st lens I bought (50mm F1.8).  This awesome looking 60 year old birthday woman reminds me of my aunts and family…She has a bunch of light skin sisters all with different personalities, and one brother. She has talented children, a huge family and plenty of resources within her own family. I know she is surrounded with love, and an awesome 60’s themed birthday party she had. Here are some of my favorites… 1.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-71.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-111.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-161.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-181.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-291.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-351.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-361.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-541.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-551.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-641.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-741.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-771.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-861.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-901.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-971.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-1031.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-1101.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-1171.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-1361.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-1371.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-1401.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-1461.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-1501.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-1671.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-1771.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-1821.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-1961.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-1981.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-1991.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-2061.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-2101.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-330

{Photo-shoot!!!} Megan | 4 Years In The Making|Part 2

         I have been wanting to do an all black and white photo-shoot for some time now. I don’t really do fashion photo-shoots, or take on too many high fashion, model type opportunities. I’m more of a wedding dude. If I’m not shooting a wedding, the way I’m shooting and probably whatever concept I’m internalizing is in preparation for some wedding type activity. These all white background photo-shoots I do are primarily some way for me to improve my PhotoBooth aspect of Around The Block Photography.Part 2 is simply this: Megan Goings was the first model in my new studio, and and also the first black and white session I’ve done. As we were planning the shoot, I wanted to make sure that one outfit was purely for a black and white session. And here are my favorites…11.18.2012MeganGoingsPhotosession38011.18.2012MeganGoingsPhotosession391B&W11.18.2012MeganGoingsPhotosession394B&W11.18.2012MeganGoingsPhotosession412B&W11.18.2012MeganGoingsPhotosession435B&W11.18.2012MeganGoingsPhotosession436B&W11.18.2012MeganGoingsPhotosession44511.18.2012MeganGoingsPhotosession465B&W11.18.2012MeganGoingsPhotosession469B&W11.18.2012MeganGoingsPhotosession479B&W11.18.2012MeganGoingsPhotosession502B&W

{Photo-shoot!!!} Megan |4 Years In The Making| Part 1


             You know how when you start something big,you get a lot of help from folk you know. You use who you can….friends, family, fraternity brothers, etc. Well, for me, my start in photography came in two parts. The second part began in 2009. That’s when I decided to get a lot more serious and be mature about the art. I defined a couple of things early on and decided that I needed to photograph some people to build my portfolio. For me, it wasn’t that hard, and I consider myself truly blessed. It wasn’t me, but simply God. I was at a school that had the prettiest young ladies hands down. They were down to earth, approachable and fun. I happened to be a social butterfly and could talk to just about anyone with confidence. Didn’t mean I’d get what I wanted, but at least I’d try and feel good about it.

             Megan Goings is still one of the most attractive young ladies I knew at Winthrop. She openly expresses her love for God, has a nice family, goal oriented, structured, a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority (in which I cater to and owe a big part of my growth) and simply a true friend. It’s good to know a lot of people, and it cant hurt that some of them are super good looking. I asked Megan way in the beginning to let me photograph her so I can build my portfolio. 4 years later, I finally got that chance. After years of following up, SHE actually called me, and had some dates in mind. So glad it worked out. And I have to say that these were the first real pictures I took in my new studio. Couldn’t have asked for a better way for things to fall in place for this shoot.Take a look…

{Photographers Note: This is my attempt at a High Key setup, using Adobe Lightroom 4 to tether a Canon 5D Mark III with a 24-70 f2.8L lens.