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{Eralan} | The Photoshoot | Charleston, SC

Winthrop University produces quality. Some of the most outstanding individuals and organizations I know have came from that University. The Xi Phi Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha, the Mu Xi Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha, a host of teachers, accountants, musicians and some of the prettiest women have also come from the WU. While I primarily shoot weddings,  other areas are photographed as well. I was allowed to photograph a friendly young lady full of energy, color and what old folk would say  “Cute as a button!”. I call her a future AKA, like her mama. With outfits to change into, a park full of fun, this 2 year old had me running all over the place trying to capture her spirit. Take a look…

8_3_2013_earlawn_photoshoot-8 8_3_2013_earlawn_photoshoot-240 8_3_2013_earlawn_photoshoot-220 8_3_2013_earlawn_photoshoot-216 8_3_2013_earlawn_photoshoot-212 8_3_2013_earlawn_photoshoot-175 8_3_2013_earlawn_photoshoot-157 8_3_2013_earlawn_photoshoot-92 8_3_2013_earlawn_photoshoot-58 8_3_2013_earlawn_photoshoot-398_3_2013_earlawn_photoshoot-27