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{Photo-Booth!!!} – Quincy & Bristal Adams Wedding – Columbia, SC

If you don’t know it by now, Ill tell you…I cater to members of Alpha Kappa Alpha, especially Mu Xi’s chapter at Winthrop University. Anything they want, they can have from me. When i first started my photography business, Bristal Cornelius was the treasurer or something of the chapter. She hired me for my first paying gig…The 30th Anniversary of the Mu Xi Chapter of AKA at McBryde Hall. Never will forget that. 5 Years later she married an Omega Man from Winthrop University, Quincy Adams. Congratulations to Bristal and Quincy who allowed me to serve them by offering photo-booth services to their wedding.

While being a second shooter for Fokas Photography (Dominic McKelvey), the reception was at the Columbia Convention Center, and decorated by the SC Wedding Co.  Bristal’s & Quincy’s guests was an awesome group that embraced the photo-booth. Out of the 200+ images, here are some of the one’s I liked the most. Take a look…

P.S. If you want the edited version of your images, simply “like” my photography page on facebook (Around The Block Photography), send me a message with who you are and what you had on, an email address to send it to and its yours. All because it was an Mu Xi, AKA event. After 1.4.2014 I’m not sending any pictures to anyone.

12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-2 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-5 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-8 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-10 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-11 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-17 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-20 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-23 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-24 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-27 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-30 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-32 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-34 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-36 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-37 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-41 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-46 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-47 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-50 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-51 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-56 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-59 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-61 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-62 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-64 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-65 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-68 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-75 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-76 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-79 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-80 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-81 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-84 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-89 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-92 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-103 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-107 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-112 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-118 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-120 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-121 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-122 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-123 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-124 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-126 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-131 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-134 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-136 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-142 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-159 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-166 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-168 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-172 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-178 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-180 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-181 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-183 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-190 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-201 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-203 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-205 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-211 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-213 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-216 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-227 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-234 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-236 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-238 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-246 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-250 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-255 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-264 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-266 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-273 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-275 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-278 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-282 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-292 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-296 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-300 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-308 12_21_2013_quincy_bristal_adams_photobooth-309

{Sneak Peek!!!} Dominic & Tana McKelvey – Cozumel, Mexico

Hands down the best wedding ever. Destination. Cruise. Inclusive food. Unlimited refills on soda. Free room service. Mexico. Warm weather. Fun Times!!!  True View Photography’s Richard Fulk, and I (Sir Blocker of Around The Block Photography)  teamed up to photograph the other member of the “Dream Team” Dominic McKelvey of Fokas Photography and his beautiful bride Tana McKelvey. This is just a sneak peek, but the full blog post will be packed with elements from the 5 day experience. I have been looking forward to this wedding all year long, and studied for weeks trying to prepare. Take a look…

12.14.2013dominic_tana_mckelvey_wedding0286 12.14.2013dominic_tana_mckelvey_wedding0370 12.14.2013dominic_tana_mckelvey_wedding0384 12.14.2013dominic_tana_mckelvey_wedding0396 12.14.2013dominic_tana_mckelvey_wedding0785 12.14.2013dominic_tana_mckelvey_wedding0787 12.14.2013dominic_tana_mckelvey_wedding0835 12.14.2013dominic_tana_mckelvey_wedding0862 12.14.2013dominic_tana_mckelvey_wedding0872 12.14.2013dominic_tana_mckelvey_wedding0875 12.14.2013dominic_tana_mckelvey_wedding0877 12.14.2013dominic_tana_mckelvey_wedding0890 12.14.2013dominic_tana_mckelvey_wedding0898 12.14.2013dominic_tana_mckelvey_wedding0900 12.14.2013dominic_tana_mckelvey_wedding0905 12.14.2013dominic_tana_mckelvey_wedding0983 12.14.2013dominic_tana_mckelvey_wedding1005 12.14.2013dominic_tana_mckelvey_wedding1279 12.14.2013dominic_tana_mckelvey_wedding1660

{Behind-The-Scenes!!!} | Assistant Turned Photographer



Long story short, I had two additional photographers to help me with an event in Charlotte. Both of them couldn’t make it and let me know the day of. I had a young woman to help with the photo booth aspect of the event. Attempting to cover a corporate business event of 70+ people and run a photobooth is something I wouldn’t want to do solo. Money is good, but being safe and having help is far more mature. So what to do when both photographers cancel, and the event starts in 45 minutes? Enter Ms. Williams, the assistant turned photo-booth overseer for the night.


My backup plan was for me to cover the event, and ask Ms. Williams to run the photo-booth. I would put the camera on a tripod and Ms. Williams would operate the camera from the laptop. One pose, one look, that’s it. Nothing fancy, no creative posing…basic. That was the backup plan…And then came another idea. Convert the help to the MVP of the day.  You see, Ms. Williams said a few weeks ago that she wanted to take some pictures. She said it casually, but I remembered it. I told Ms. Williams that she was going to take the pictures for the photo-booth. That she would do fine, and that the camera does most of the work. You just have to tell it what to do.


After I got the “evil-eye”, I gave Ms. Williams the camera, told her what to do if the image was too bright, if it was too dark, and what I wanted the composition to look like. She took some test shots, and it looked good to me. I shared some creative poses that I do with subjects and then came a shock. Ms. Williams said she was going to take some pictures of the event and walked off. Instantly, she became the MVP for the night. She took that camera into the other room, asked the people for permission to photograph them, and all I could see was the consistent flashing of the speedlite. Granted, a few minutes later we looked at the pictures. HORRIBLE!!! Shutter speed to low, way underexposed, blurry…horrible. Didn’t phase me though. A few adjustments, a few test shots and she was in business. Maybe not a profitable business, but not in the red.


About 20 minutes later, and after an awesome free dinner, the photo-Booth got started. I can honestly say that 90% of the images from that night were of the MVP of the night…the “Assistant-turned-photographer”. Ms. Williams. I got a chance to have some fun and take some pictures with her. Thank-You Ms. Williams for stepping up and really saving the day. Take a look…


P.S. I don’t have assistants. I have teammates and team members. If I do anything, it’s always a team effort, and I play my part as well. Some folk like the solo route…and some folk can’t go the places my team and I are going…

12_7_2013_atlascopco_business_social-1 12_7_2013_atlascopco_business_social-2 12_7_2013_atlascopco_business_social-3 12_7_2013_atlascopco_business_social-56 12_7_2013_atlascopco_business_social-57 12_7_2013_atlascopco_business_social-58 12_7_2013_atlascopco_business_social-59 12_7_2013_atlascopco_business_social-60 12_7_2013_atlascopco_business_social-61 12_7_2013_atlascopco_business_social-79 12_7_2013_atlascopco_business_social-80 12_7_2013_atlascopco_business_social-81 12_7_2013_atlascopco_business_social-82