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{newborn!!!} | Alana Wilkerson – Columbia, SC

They asked me if I ever done a newborn baby session…Hands down, photography is exciting. It has allowed such fortune to see all types of people in all types of elements. Weddings, birthdays, performances, sports, entertainment, etc.  One of the most recent opportunity for me was to document two individuals bring hope into our world. Ashlye & Kobie Wilkerson allowed me to photograph their professional events, engagement session, bridal session, wedding ceremony, baby announcements, 2 of 6 baby showers, post-delivery moments, and now the first newborn of my career. Alana Wilkerson is simply beautiful. Looking like her father, Alana has an enormous amount of love, support and potential due to her wonderful parents and family. Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Wilkerson for allowing me to document everything up to this point…Take a look…

4.22.2014_alana_wilkerson_photoshoot-4 4.22.2014_alana_wilkerson_photoshoot-15 4.22.2014_alana_wilkerson_photoshoot-104 4.22.2014_alana_wilkerson_photoshoot-123 4.22.2014_alana_wilkerson_photoshoot-148 4.22.2014_alana_wilkerson_photoshoot-163 4.22.2014_alana_wilkerson_photoshoot-168 4.22.2014_alana_wilkerson_photoshoot-128-2

{Sneak Peek!!!} Benjamin & Kerisa Jackson | Hitched!!!

Down in Eastover, SC, I was honored to photograph Benjamin & Kerisa. A nice looking couple, nicely decorated church, beautiful reception and energetic bridal party was all in the mix for an awesome first wedding of the year. Thanks to Barthelomew of FOKAS Photography and Dominikii Coleman for being part of the team to capture the day. Full blog post coming soon. Until then, take a look…

4.12.2014_benjamin_and_kerisa_wedding-578 4.12.2014_benjamin_and_kerisa_wedding-56 4.12.2014_benjamin_and_kerisa_wedding-410 4.12.2014_benjamin_and_kerisa_wedding-652 4.12.2014_benjamin_and_kerisa_wedding-380 4.12.2014_benjamin_and_kerisa_wedding-311 4.12.2014_benjamin_and_kerisa_wedding-218 4.12.2014_benjamin_and_kerisa_wedding-74 4.12.2014_benjamin_and_kerisa_wedding-1179 4.12.2014_benjamin_and_kerisa_wedding-1157 4.12.2014_benjamin_and_kerisa_wedding-1184