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{Hitched!!!} Max & Nikesha – 6.14.2014 | The Siebels House | Columbia, SC

While being a second shooter to one of the members on our Dream Team (FOKAS Photography) The Siebel’s House and Gardens in Downtown Columbia, SC was the location for Max & Nikesha. The bride, (Nikesha) looked absolutely stunning in her dress. Her bridal party was just as nice with their lavender and purple colors. The Groom (Max) was a decorated soldier with his matching groomsmen.  Representing a vintage Pinterest quality décor, sliced oaks were used as centerpieces, two old doors connected by A-frames made the margarita tables, chicken wire and clothes pins made the RSVP table cards, and a bucket full of energy from the entire bridal party resulted in a totally enjoyable experience. Did I mention that the bride was from Winthrop University? Other than AKA’s, that’s the second entity I cater to. Take a look…

6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-2 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-4 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-5 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-13 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-16 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-27 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-128 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-166 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-194 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-283 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-287 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-295 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-312 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-340 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-350 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-424 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-427 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-464 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-468 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-473 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-473-2 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-475 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-492 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-507 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-509 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-510 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-513 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-536 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-553 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-555 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-572 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-576 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-582 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-583 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-595 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-600 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-607 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-635 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-637 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-657 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-659 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-694

{Photo-Shoot!!!} | Shandelle Simmons of “b3 Photography” | Blythewood, SC

I’m blessed to have a team of photographers. One of my teammates is Shandelle Simmons of b3_Photography. Bold, Beautiful, Brave. Shandelle is an upcoming photographer and I would put her against any of your best photographer friends/referral. Her personality, assertiveness, style and marketing ideas are second to none. I’m happy to have been able to share and learn from Shandelle. I’m excited for her future and look forward to her success. On an upcoming project she’s working on, I got the chance to help shoot a photo-shoot with her modeling team. At the Windemere Country Club in Blythewood, SC, we photographed 6 awesome individuals. At the end, I ran into my photographer buddy Tiffany Douglas and her husband Larry Douglas. Tiffany is also an awesome photographer (one of few Canon scholars) who lets me work with her at least once every two years. Take a look…


6_1_2014_b3photography_photoshoot-3 6_1_2014_b3photography_photoshoot-4 6_1_2014_b3photography_photoshoot-17 6_1_2014_b3photography_photoshoot-27 6_1_2014_b3photography_photoshoot-37 6_1_2014_b3photography_photoshoot-41 6_1_2014_b3photography_photoshoot-47 6_1_2014_b3photography_photoshoot-54 6_1_2014_b3photography_photoshoot-81 6_1_2014_b3photography_photoshoot-86 6_1_2014_b3photography_photoshoot-98 6_1_2014_b3photography_photoshoot-135 6_1_2014_b3photography_photoshoot-140 6_1_2014_b3photography_photoshoot-155 6_1_2014_b3photography_photoshoot-159