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{Photo-Booth!!!} | Jermaine & Kourtney Scott | Hilton Head, SC

The Photo-Booth team was thrilled to travel to Hilton Head, SC and capturing the fun of Jermaine and Kourtney Scott. Thanks to Shandelle Simmons and Dominkii Coleman for capturing all the fun. Take a look….

{Hitched!!!} Jermaine & Kourtney | Hilton Head, SC

Being a second shooter to JPearson Photography, I was fortunate enough to travel to The Omni Resort in Hilton Head, SC. This beach wedding complimented Jermaine & Kourntney very well. Perfect weather, nice colors, friends from college and a great experience. Kourtney was the best bride ever. No complaints about dirt, hair, walking on the beach, getting her dress dirty and we had plenty of time for pictures of just the bride and groom. Excellent wedding. Take a look…


9_27_2014_jermaine_&_kourtney_scott_wedding-4 9_27_2014_jermaine_&_kourtney_scott_wedding-9 9_27_2014_jermaine_&_kourtney_scott_wedding-22 9_27_2014_jermaine_&_kourtney_scott_wedding-23 9_27_2014_jermaine_&_kourtney_scott_wedding-24 9_27_2014_jermaine_&_kourtney_scott_wedding-37 9_27_2014_jermaine_&_kourtney_scott_wedding-47 9_27_2014_jermaine_&_kourtney_scott_wedding-51 9_27_2014_jermaine_&_kourtney_scott_wedding-57 9_27_2014_jermaine_&_kourtney_scott_wedding-60 9_27_2014_jermaine_&_kourtney_scott_wedding-73 9_27_2014_jermaine_&_kourtney_scott_wedding-76 9_27_2014_jermaine_&_kourtney_scott_wedding-82 9_27_2014_jermaine_&_kourtney_scott_wedding-100 9_27_2014_jermaine_&_kourtney_scott_wedding-124 9_27_2014_jermaine_&_kourtney_scott_wedding-130 9_27_2014_jermaine_&_kourtney_scott_wedding-131 9_27_2014_jermaine_&_kourtney_scott_wedding-133 9_27_2014_jermaine_&_kourtney_scott_wedding-146 9_27_2014_jermaine_&_kourtney_scott_wedding-150 9_27_2014_jermaine_&_kourtney_scott_wedding-152 9_27_2014_jermaine_&_kourtney_scott_wedding-164 9_27_2014_jermaine_&_kourtney_scott_wedding-171 9_27_2014_jermaine_&_kourtney_scott_wedding-183 9_27_2014_jermaine_&_kourtney_scott_wedding-206 9_27_2014_jermaine_&_kourtney_scott_wedding-216 9_27_2014_jermaine_&_kourtney_scott_wedding-251 9_27_2014_jermaine_&_kourtney_scott_wedding-275 9_27_2014_jermaine_&_kourtney_scott_wedding-398 9_27_2014_jermaine_&_kourtney_scott_wedding-404 9_27_2014_jermaine_&_kourtney_scott_wedding-407 9_27_2014_jermaine_&_kourtney_scott_wedding-435 9_27_2014_jermaine_&_kourtney_scott_wedding-442 9_27_2014_jermaine_&_kourtney_scott_wedding-446 9_27_2014_jermaine_&_kourtney_scott_wedding-448 9_27_2014_jermaine_&_kourtney_scott_wedding-452 9_27_2014_jermaine_&_kourtney_scott_wedding-5319_27_2014_jermaine_and_kourtney_scott_553

{OUTKAST!!!} | Andre 3000 & Big Boi | Atlanta, GA

What an awesome weekend this was. A wedding in Hilton Head with Jerome Pearson Photography, Photo-Booth services with Dominkii Coleman and Shandelle Simmons, and OUTKAST in Atlanta, GA on Sunday. Bourgeois as I am, I don’t listen to much hip-hop and rap music. Most of it did not reflect my upbringing and lifestyle. Nothing wrong with the struggle and that thug mentality, but everybody can’t be hood and into street pharmaceuticals. Some of us has to be attractive, financially secure, have quality women, complex minds and an expanded vocabulary.  Long story short, i dont listen to rap, but Outkast is in a bubble. They are in their own category…Game Changers.

It was 1996 when ATLiens was released. Brantley Herbert and his older brother put me on Outkast and I’m their biggest fan. I don’t know all the words to any one song, but I know every time I see a Cadillac, think about the Middle East (Bombs over Baghdad), look at a funeral home (Idlewild) and Atlanta, I think of Outkast. Some things stay and influence you for the rest of your life…Outkast is one of those groups. Thanks to Jerome Pearson for “Credentials” to be part of the media team. Truly an experience. Take a look…(I had fun!!!)


9_28_2014_outkast_ATLast_concert-337 9_28_2014_outkast_ATLast_concert-318 9_28_2014_outkast_ATLast_concert-241 9_28_2014_outkast_ATLast_concert-215 9_28_2014_outkast_ATLast_concert-165 9_28_2014_outkast_ATLast_concert-132 9_28_2014_outkast_ATLast_concert-128 9_28_2014_outkast_ATLast_concert-120 9_28_2014_outkast_ATLast_concert-116 9_28_2014_outkast_ATLast_concert-109 9_28_2014_outkast_ATLast_concert-105