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{Throwback} | {Michelle & Steven} | Providence Country Club

I was shooting a wedding where the groom-to-be was telling me about his cousin. His cousin was a photographer who shoot all types of red carpet events in Atlanta. And that this cousin was a groomsmen in the wedding. So we met, shared some stories, and kept in touch. It was sometime in 2011. Jerome Pearson of J Pearson Photography is a cool dude. At the time, he shot Canon, and was about 2 or 3 years into photography.  We kept in touch that year and when the opportunity came for me to help him on a wedding I jumped to it. Charlotte NC’s Providence Country Club served as the venue for the union of Michelle & Steven. We started out with the Bridesmaids and their purple dresses. These lovely ladies were not camera shy at all, and Michelle took full advantage of every angle, pose and look. The men of Kappa Alpha Psi always know how to dress and do things in style. It was no different on this day. It was a great wedding, with beautiful folks, colors and one of my first wedding on a golf course/country club. It was a great start of many more weddings with JPearson and also the dynamic duo of videographers there. Take a look…

{Wedding} | Jametta & Ronjae | 701 Whaley

As a second shooter to FOKAS Photography, another wedding was held at the beautiful 701 Whaley venue in Columbia, SC.  701 Whaley is a nice venue by itself, but my favorite wedding decoration team, South Carolina Wedding Co. made it breathtaking. Ms. Tammy is simply amazing at what she and her team does. They can transform anything. We’ve been working together since 2012. Jametta and Ronjae were hitched on November 28, 2015 and what a fun wedding it was. The groomsmen were dapper in their dark suits and the bridesmaids very pretty in their grey and coral dresses. The make-up by Marquita Williams was simply flawless. Everyone looked good. It was good seeing so many people at this wedding. My old football coach was in the wedding, a classmate was a groomsmen, and the maid of honor helped me in one of my first entrepreneurial endeavors. This wedding was brilliantly organized and coordinated through the skill of Javettra and her company Avila Dawn Events. Interested in having images like these of your event? Feel free to contact us. | 866.200.1350  Take a look…11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-31 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-40 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-61 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-62 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-63 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-69 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-75 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-122 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-126 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-131 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-158 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-183 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-252 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-335 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-341 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-351 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-355 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-409 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-418 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-432 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-456 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-460 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-474 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-488 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-517 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-613 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-619 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-638 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-695 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-717 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-720 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-728 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-750 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-777 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-786



{Happy New Year!!!} – 2016

ATBPhotography_Logo_12_11_2016Happy New Year!!! 2015 was a year of much growth, second shooting and sharing. I expect to do same with more application in 2016 and planting as many seeds in others as possible. Equipped with a more defined focus, plan and arsenal of tools for better implementation, I’m looking forward to 2016. And of course I’m forming teams and binging as many people as I can along the way. New branding, website, office space, equipment…That nice, but what is better and what i’m most excited about is a more prepared mentality and personal foundation. It’s already decided. 2016 is a great year.