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jade & jovan engagement

First engagement session of the year!!! Attractive couple, great energy and so much creativity! I’m super excited for this wedding in July! My team and I will be able to capture a unique wedding after hearing all of their plans. This engagement session started near the apartment of the engaged couple. With the eye of Dr. Jade and cooperation of Jovan we easily made it happen…literally a few steps outside of the home. Talk about not having to go far. The first outfit, all black, served as a more formal approach to the couple. We went to an opening of tall wheat looking grass nearby and some shots using teh bamboo canes as a background. Also close by was a body of water from the nearby river.  Some tall oaks with Spanish moss helped create a spot for more pictures before looking at the water itself.                                                                                                                                                                           After a misty, gloomy early morning, it really ended up being a very pretty day. Perfect for an outfit change. And that’s what they did. Whites and blues of denim created the second look as we traveled to the popular Riverfront Park. Near the famous red door we started with some creative ways to use the huge water pipe. A little bit of athleticism, creativity, posing and a couple of laughs later, we used the red door, amphitheater, steps and benches to finish our session. Congratulations and super excited about July!!!                                                                                                                                                     Want images like these of your own session? Contact us as we love talking about pictures! Feel free to “Like” us on Facebook and “Follow” us on Instagram.

New Year’s Party | 2017 | Ritz-Carlton

So thankful for all the things in 2016, and looking forward to 2017. The new year started with momentum already from the last part of 2016. Newer ideas, concepts and plans on execution. And a renewed opportunity with King Entertainment to photograph some parts of #GorgeousAtTheRitz. Charlotte, NC and King Entertainment are 1 of 2 only parties that I ever photograph. You have got to be upscale, safe and classy for my selective, mature and bourgeoisie  team to participate. The Ritz-Carlton provided such an atmosphere and the Around The Block Photo-Booth rendered services for the New Year’s Party. Trying out some new things and setting the tone for 2017, we had a blast. All of the images can be found on our NEW WEBSITE under the Photo-Booth category. Take a look…


{Kirstin & Hunter} | Engagement Session | Columbia, SC

Is it the end of the year already? Well, this is the last engagement session of the year, but certainly not the least! What a way to go out…Hunter is truly a character. Hands down, he was the most energetic and entertaining groom-to-be this year in an engagement session. And Kirstin is truly a sweetheart. They dressed the part and we headed to Riverfront Park in Columbia’s downtown area. Starting at the old One Room Rosenwald school house we got a few test shots and then progressed from there. Dapper in his Kappa Alpha Psi inspired colors, Hunter had no problem posing for the camera and looking sharp with his grown man suspenders. From the schoolhouse to the bridge, the famous red door, and then outfit change…Hunter had Kirstin laughing and smiling the whole time. Looking forward to this wedding in June 2017!!! Want images like these of your own session? Contact us as we love talking about pictures! Feel free to “Like” us on Facebook and “Follow” us on Instagram. Take a look…

Experiences, Not Things | Part I

       The last quarter of 2016 was simply AWESOME!!! Birthdays to some very important people in my life, the wrapping up and anticipation of a new year, family, food, fun and the Holidays! In a recent blog I expressed about how I’d rather spend my money on experiences rather than things. Short story…It was October 2015 when the photographer’s work who I absolutely love and aspire (Ross Oscar Knight) had a workshop. In finding that workshop online, I also saw of another workshop he was having in Croatia, Italy, and some other far away expensive and beautiful places. Well, some bad person wanted to bomb up the airport in one of the countries and that messed up that trip. I had a chance to be a second photographer with the best photographer on my team to Hawaii. Bahamas.  Somewhere… I forgot. But that didn’t work out. But then, my best friend in the whole wide world and her Belgium based company, with her global manager position title whatever asked her to conduct a training or something in Sweden.

Now, I don’t know what you and your best friend do, and how far y’alls history go, but as for mine, when after the training and work stuff got done…And she expressed interest in spending some extra days in a foreign country…Heck yeah!!! I’ll meet you and explore it with you. How much does it cost? What Dates? How much? Don’t matter, I got it. I’m there. It was only one of the most memorable experiences to date. Won’t He do it? If you let Him!

Since 2015 I had planned to go to Europe. A bombing on one opportunity, a cancellation 3 weeks before the other opportunity, and bad timing on the third opportunity would make most people spend that money on something else or go somewhere else. But God worked it out and Paris/London bound I went. So as I start a series of blog entries to share most of the trip, know that I am so blessed to have an Awesome God, family and best friend. I don’t know what you and your best friend can do, but mine and I sure enjoyed Paris and London. Vegas, Atlanta and New York are nice, but we went bigger and harder. Save up. Take a look…

2017 | Happy New Years!!!

2017!!! Where did 2016 go?!? Well, for me, all is well. Good stuff happened, not so good stuff happened. That’s what happens in life. I think it’s better to be on this side of the living than the other. So what New Year’s resolution do you have? What shall I list on this blog? None. I never really been the type to have to wait for a New Year to make a stronger commitment. I fail all year. I succeed all year. The only real fail is when you don’t try.

What I will talk about are these things:

My family is well. Good health, mind and spirit. Most are still with us, some…not. We will all end up in the same place so I try to learn, appreciate and make proud the ones paved the way for me.

Second, there are several things I’d like to commit to in 2017…Personally, professionally, spiritually, physically, mentally…all of the above. And that’s exactly what I’m going to doI’m not listing or sharing all of them, but they are there.  You have your new commitments, dedications and concepts, and I hope you progress in all of them. Let’s all have a great year regardless of what happens.

Sometime in late 2015 I expressed that while others where reflecting on what happened in 2015, that I was going to share my expectations of 2016. Specifically, where I was going. Didn’t know how I was getting there, nor the parameters around it. Well, the truth is, and my last point , is that simply my God is Awesome. He can do anything and make a way out of no way. I knew I wanted to see more than what I saw everyday in Columbia and I knew that I wanted to travel and see the world. He made it happen first in 2014 with Mexico for the wedding of Dominic McKelvey of FOKAS Photography (This dude is an awesome friend, husband and photographer. Been rockin’ since 2009!!). That was my first taste of the destination wedding experience. Fast forward to 2016 and Dominican Republic was added to the list. The takeaway I arrived at was “…seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” Then, I learned that for me, things are great, but I’d rather spend my money on experiences.

So with that, Happy New Year’s to you all!! I know I’m super excited about a lot of things, and whether they happen in 2017 or not, making a decision, coming up with a plan and execution will get us so much farther than complaining, waiting and procrastinating.