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{Bridal Session!!!} |Carleeta Guider | Siebel’s House

It’s always fun and exciting shooting weddings. That’s why i got into photography. But what’s hard sometimes is not sharing all the fun and good times capturing the bride-to-be until after the wedding. In March, Around The Block Photography had the honor of photographing Carleeta’s Bridal session at The Historic Siebel’s House in Columbia, SC. Her  colors were every shade of blue and the session was totally enhanced through the talented and creative efforts of Debbie Williams and Blue Key Creations. Debbie did an amazing job of styling this session. From a custom bouquet, wine bottles, picture frames, jewelry, modern blue chair, formal dinner table setting and oval mirror, Blue Key Creations transformed an already nice venue into a beautifully styled location to compliment our elegant bride to be. Thank you Carleeta for an amazing session. You braved the cold took direction well and really photographed well. Thanks also to Dominikii Coleman of DC Photography for being a second shooter. Want images like these of your own? Contact us to see how. Take a look…

{Courtney Harrison} | Bridal Session | Daniel Island

How exciting…Winthrop Alum, pretty lady, Daniel Island…the bridal session of Courtney Harrison is one i cant wait to post. Days before the ceremony we got up early on a Wednesday and had a blast. Starting with a charismatic family, the bridal gown had its own 30 minutes. While changing, an alligator had its own 15 minute session, and finally Ms. Courtney had all the time she needed. We found a few spots in Smythe Park and with the help of sister, mom and an aunt, we captured a beautiful bride to be. Take a look…


9_16_2015_courtney_harrison_bridal_session-78 9_16_2015_courtney_harrison_bridal_session-119 9_16_2015_courtney_harrison_bridal_session-123 9_16_2015_courtney_harrison_bridal_session-128 9_16_2015_courtney_harrison_bridal_session-138 9_16_2015_courtney_harrison_bridal_session-219 9_16_2015_courtney_harrison_bridal_session-226 9_16_2015_courtney_harrison_bridal_session-228 9_16_2015_courtney_harrison_bridal_session-237 9_16_2015_courtney_harrison_bridal_session-244 9_16_2015_courtney_harrison_bridal_session-270 9_16_2015_courtney_harrison_bridal_session-279 9_16_2015_courtney_harrison_bridal_session-330 9_16_2015_courtney_harrison_bridal_session-379 9_16_2015_courtney_harrison_bridal_session-402 9_16_2015_courtney_harrison_bridal_session-416 9_16_2015_courtney_harrison_bridal_session-485 9_16_2015_courtney_harrison_bridal_session-486 9_16_2015_courtney_harrison_bridal_session-490 9_16_2015_courtney_harrison_bridal_session-509 gator

{Bridal Session} – Romona Clark | Columbia, SC

Early Sunday morning at USC’s Horseshoe I linked up with Dominic Barthelomew of FOKAS Photography and the Bride-To-Be Romona Clark. Learning the Pocket Wizard radio trigger to fire my Off-Camera Flash we had a great morning to shoot Romona in her dress. At The Horseshoe, we saw a couple of brick walls that we used as a background, an open grassy area and an old iron gate. Moving to the State House, we saw some purple flowers to get the one shot we wanted for the big print. Take a look….

6_23_2013_romona_clark_Bridal-21 6_23_2013_romona_clark_Bridal-30 6_23_2013_romona_clark_Bridal-46 6_23_2013_romona_clark_Bridal-63 6_23_2013_romona_clark_Bridal-66 6_23_2013_romona_clark_Bridal-69 6_23_2013_romona_clark_Bridal-100 6_23_2013_romona_clark_Bridal-114 6_23_2013_romona_clark_Bridal-136 6_23_2013_romona_clark_Bridal-172 6_23_2013_romona_clark_Bridal-177 6_23_2013_romona_clark_Bridal-181 6_23_2013_romona_clark_Bridal-214 6_23_2013_romona_clark_Bridal-244 6_23_2013_romona_clark_Bridal-269

{Courtney Wright} | Bridal Session!!! | Columbia, SC

Being a second shooter to one of The Dream Team’s own, Dominic Barthelomew of FOKAS Photography, I was able to shoot this gorgeous bride… Courtney Wright. Although we’ve shot here PLENTY of times, Courtney brought her own energy, poses and really made the bridal session fun and unique. Downtown Columbia’s Riverfront park off Laurel Street is where we shot the bridal session. Take a look…

6_23_2013_courtney_wright_Bridal-21 6_23_2013_courtney_wright_Bridal-29 6_23_2013_courtney_wright_Bridal-38 6_23_2013_courtney_wright_Bridal-41 6_23_2013_courtney_wright_Bridal-59 6_23_2013_courtney_wright_Bridal-69 6_23_2013_courtney_wright_Bridal-79 6_23_2013_courtney_wright_Bridal-95 6_23_2013_courtney_wright_Bridal-173