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{Alpha Kappa Alpha} | 10 Year AKAversary Retreat | Tybee Island

There are some specific things I like in life, and even more specific things that I cater to. Hands down, the AKA’s of Winthrop University (MuXi Chapter) has a special place with me. I played the piano in a talent show or some sort one day at Winthrop…and won! I met a lady right afterwards who told me about her church who needed a musician. Soror Betty The Chapter Adviser) and I were introduced and I started playing organ at her church within weeks. My first paid job in my photography business was through this chapter. The 30th Anniversary of MuXi in McBryde Hall. $75. Bristal Cornelius (Adams now) wrote the check. My first wedding through my business was through a member in this chapter. But most importantly, the prettiest, most mature and simply the best quality women I’ve met were through Mu Xi (Winthrop AKA’s). You’ve heard this from me before, and it wont be the last time. I cater to AKA’s, especially MuXI. The Spring 2006 members can have anything they want. All they have to do is ask. So when asked my availability to photograph them on their 10 year AKAversary’s retreat, I couldn’t commit fast enough. Follow 29 young women around Savanna, Georgia area and take pictures of everything they do? You didn’t have to ask twice. And that’s what I did. Allergies flaring, a head cold brewing, I took some medicine and arrived 3 hours later in Tybee Island. A grande beach house, greeted with pretty faces and smiles, outfits already on and high energy, we headed to the private beach and got our day started. Couldn’t have had a better start to my Birthday than this. Take a look…

{Photoshoot} | Amicia Ramsey | Columbia, SC

Ms. Amicia Ramsey is a familiar face of Columbia as a multi-media journalist of WLTX 19 in Columbia, SC. I had the pleasure of photographing Ms. Amcia in downtown, Columbia. We started with harsh wind on Main street, and then made our way to the State Capital building. When finished there, what a sweet way to end part 1 of the shoot by going to Marble Slab Ice Creamery!!! Take a look…

4_4_2015_amicia_ramsey_photoshoot-7 4_4_2015_amicia_ramsey_photoshoot-15 4_4_2015_amicia_ramsey_photoshoot-49 4_4_2015_amicia_ramsey_photoshoot-67 4_4_2015_amicia_ramsey_photoshoot-170 4_4_2015_amicia_ramsey_photoshoot-193

{Photo-Shoot!!!} Ava Bookert | Columbia, SC

It was a pleasure shooting the energetic  Little Ms. Ava last year, and this year was just as good. Full of energy, two outfits and an autumn/Halloween decorated Sandhill’s Farmer’s Market we went out for some fall fun. Ava brought herself, mom and aunt and I simply was led by Ava to where she wanted to be photographed. A few pine cones, a scary man named “Fred”, wagon, old shed  and a dirt road served as our backgrounds. Thank you Danese for being an awesome mom and thank you  Ava for a great photo-shoot. Looking forward to next year. Take a look…


10_27_2014_ava_bookert_photoshoot-4 10_27_2014_ava_bookert_photoshoot-11 10_27_2014_ava_bookert_photoshoot-24 10_27_2014_ava_bookert_photoshoot-41 10_27_2014_ava_bookert_photoshoot-43 10_27_2014_ava_bookert_photoshoot-65 10_27_2014_ava_bookert_photoshoot-126 10_27_2014_ava_bookert_photoshoot-171 10_27_2014_ava_bookert_photoshoot-187

{Photo-Shoot!!!} | Shandelle Simmons of “b3 Photography” | Blythewood, SC

I’m blessed to have a team of photographers. One of my teammates is Shandelle Simmons of b3_Photography. Bold, Beautiful, Brave. Shandelle is an upcoming photographer and I would put her against any of your best photographer friends/referral. Her personality, assertiveness, style and marketing ideas are second to none. I’m happy to have been able to share and learn from Shandelle. I’m excited for her future and look forward to her success. On an upcoming project she’s working on, I got the chance to help shoot a photo-shoot with her modeling team. At the Windemere Country Club in Blythewood, SC, we photographed 6 awesome individuals. At the end, I ran into my photographer buddy Tiffany Douglas and her husband Larry Douglas. Tiffany is also an awesome photographer (one of few Canon scholars) who lets me work with her at least once every two years. Take a look…


6_1_2014_b3photography_photoshoot-3 6_1_2014_b3photography_photoshoot-4 6_1_2014_b3photography_photoshoot-17 6_1_2014_b3photography_photoshoot-27 6_1_2014_b3photography_photoshoot-37 6_1_2014_b3photography_photoshoot-41 6_1_2014_b3photography_photoshoot-47 6_1_2014_b3photography_photoshoot-54 6_1_2014_b3photography_photoshoot-81 6_1_2014_b3photography_photoshoot-86 6_1_2014_b3photography_photoshoot-98 6_1_2014_b3photography_photoshoot-135 6_1_2014_b3photography_photoshoot-140 6_1_2014_b3photography_photoshoot-155 6_1_2014_b3photography_photoshoot-159

{Trash The Dress!!!} | Fort Mill, SC | Bridal Session

Another post from an event MONTHS ago is this Trash The Dress session.  Lynnwood Equestrian Center in Fort Mill, SC boasted 25 acres of country. With plenty of horses, miles of riding trails and hay bales as our background, on this day two brides were willing to trash their dress for a day of fun, creative and different shooting. We took advantage of the Massey Ferguson (tractor), stalls, cowgirl boots and mud to capture something not usually seen by brides. Take a look…


2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_003 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_008 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_010 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_025 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_038 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_042 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_046 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_070 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_076 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_079 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_085 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_087 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_091 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_099 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_124 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_133 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_141 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_165 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_169 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_175 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_196 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_200 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_212 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_219 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_222 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_245 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_290 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_322 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_325 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_337 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_339 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_349 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_352 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_368 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_375 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_380 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_407 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_418 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_437 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_464 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_471 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_481 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_490

{Photo-shoot!!!} | Chelsea Salisbury

Catching up from some events and photo-shoots earlier in the year That I hadn’t posted yet, we have Chelsea Salisbury. An awesome model from a photography group hosted by Lori Jill in Columbia, we met downtown Columbia. We took about an hour and a half shooting and learning from different photographers and models. These are the ones that I liked the most. Take a look….


4_7_2013_chlsea_salisbury_photoshoot-1 4_7_2013_chlsea_salisbury_photoshoot-2 4_7_2013_chlsea_salisbury_photoshoot-3 4_7_2013_chlsea_salisbury_photoshoot-4 4_7_2013_chlsea_salisbury_photoshoot-5 4_7_2013_chlsea_salisbury_photoshoot-6 4_7_2013_chlsea_salisbury_photoshoot-7 4_7_2013_chlsea_salisbury_photoshoot-8 4_7_2013_chlsea_salisbury_photoshoot-9 4_7_2013_chlsea_salisbury_photoshoot-10 4_7_2013_chlsea_salisbury_photoshoot-11 4_7_2013_chlsea_salisbury_photoshoot-12 4_7_2013_chlsea_salisbury_photoshoot-13 4_7_2013_chlsea_salisbury_photoshoot-14 4_7_2013_chlsea_salisbury_photoshoot-15 4_7_2013_chlsea_salisbury_photoshoot-16 4_7_2013_chlsea_salisbury_photoshoot-17

{Ava Bookert!!!} | Photo-shoot | Rock HIll, SC

Rock HIll, SC ALWAYS produces great things. Schools, colleges, experiences, memories. Ava Bookert, an awesome 2 year old was a fashionably dressed, full of energy young woman who was no stranger to the camera. With her two outfits and her doing her own thing, I simply pushed the button when Ava told me it was okay to do so. Here are the ones I like the best. Take a look…

12_30_2013_ava_bookert_photoshoot-112_30_2013_ava_bookert_photoshoot-9 12_30_2013_ava_bookert_photoshoot-12 12_30_2013_ava_bookert_photoshoot-3012_30_2013_ava_bookert_photoshoot-4612_30_2013_ava_bookert_photoshoot-64 12_30_2013_ava_bookert_photoshoot-6812_30_2013_ava_bookert_photoshoot-72 12_30_2013_ava_bookert_photoshoot-8012_30_2013_ava_bookert_photoshoot-85 12_30_2013_ava_bookert_photoshoot-87 12_30_2013_ava_bookert_photoshoot-92 12_30_2013_ava_bookert_photoshoot-94 12_30_2013_ava_bookert_photoshoot-120 12_30_2013_ava_bookert_photoshoot-150 12_30_2013_ava_bookert_photoshoot-151 12_30_2013_ava_bookert_photoshoot-173 12_30_2013_ava_bookert_photoshoot-201

Photo-Shoot!!! | Culture In America

Yami Ard is a native of Sudan, Africa. I was very interested in her look and culture and was excited when she accepted my friend request on facebook and invite for a photo shoot. I learned so much about her culture and also that she is a very sweet and nice young woman. Still learning to use my Off-Camera Flash, we set out one morning for a photo shoot. In her Sari dress, Yami embraced her culture and helped me build my portfolio with more diversity and interest in something other than the American norm. We didn’t get the henna tattoos and exotic locations that I wanted, but I’m happy with what we did get. Maybe next time. Take a look…

9_30_2013_yani_ard_photoshoot-141 9_30_2013_yani_ard_photoshoot-145 9_30_2013_yani_ard_photoshoot-149 9_30_2013_yani_ard_photoshoot-153 9_30_2013_yani_ard_photoshoot-163 9_30_2013_yani_ard_photoshoot-170 9_30_2013_yani_ard_photoshoot-194 9_30_2013_yani_ard_photoshoot-202 9_30_2013_yani_ard_photoshoot-210 9_30_2013_yani_ard_photoshoot-215 9_30_2013_yani_ard_photoshoot-228 9_30_2013_yani_ard_photoshoot-231 9_30_2013_yani_ard_photoshoot-234 9_30_2013_yani_ard_photoshoot-239 9_30_2013_yani_ard_photoshoot-240 9_30_2013_yani_ard_photoshoot-247 9_30_2013_yani_ard_photoshoot-250 9_30_2013_yani_ard_photoshoot-254 9_30_2013_yani_ard_photoshoot-256 9_30_2013_yani_ard_photoshoot-282 9_30_2013_yani_ard_photoshoot-296 9_30_2013_yani_ard_photoshoot-303 9_30_2013_yani_ard_photoshoot-323 9_30_2013_yani_ard_photoshoot-327 9_30_2013_yani_ard_photoshoot-331 9_30_2013_yani_ard_photoshoot-336 9_30_2013_yani_ard_photoshoot-361 9_30_2013_yani_ard_photoshoot-362 9_30_2013_yani_ard_photoshoot-390 9_30_2013_yani_ard_photoshoot-396 9_30_2013_yani_ard_photoshoot-413 9_30_2013_yani_ard_photoshoot-20

{Eralan} | The Photoshoot | Charleston, SC

Winthrop University produces quality. Some of the most outstanding individuals and organizations I know have came from that University. The Xi Phi Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha, the Mu Xi Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha, a host of teachers, accountants, musicians and some of the prettiest women have also come from the WU. While I primarily shoot weddings,  other areas are photographed as well. I was allowed to photograph a friendly young lady full of energy, color and what old folk would say  “Cute as a button!”. I call her a future AKA, like her mama. With outfits to change into, a park full of fun, this 2 year old had me running all over the place trying to capture her spirit. Take a look…

8_3_2013_earlawn_photoshoot-8 8_3_2013_earlawn_photoshoot-240 8_3_2013_earlawn_photoshoot-220 8_3_2013_earlawn_photoshoot-216 8_3_2013_earlawn_photoshoot-212 8_3_2013_earlawn_photoshoot-175 8_3_2013_earlawn_photoshoot-157 8_3_2013_earlawn_photoshoot-92 8_3_2013_earlawn_photoshoot-58 8_3_2013_earlawn_photoshoot-398_3_2013_earlawn_photoshoot-27

{PhotoShoot!!!} | LaQuita Cowart-Drayton

Learning to use my Off Camera Flash, the pretty Ms. Capital City LaQuita Cowart-Drayton was photographed at the Riverfront Park in Downtown Columbia, SC. It has got to be one of the most used places for photographers, but when you have nice looking subjects,  nice personalities to match, and a creative photographer, the pictures will still look better than most. This was the first of 3 photo-shoots and I can tell a difference in comfort, quality of light and skill in each session. Take a Look…

Update | For Photographers  – These images were taken with my new Canon 5D Mark III which performed flawlessly. What didn’t work right was a faulty Yungnuo 560-II Flash. Matter of fact, The only shots that it did fire on were the silhouette looking shots. Even though it took two photoshoots to figure out it was teh flash, I dont use Canon Flashes. I was taught manual by the first photographer on my team, Robert Coffey. The Canon’s are nice, but expensive and simply not my cup of tea. My manual method of lighting subjects are preferred of any TTL. I also used Cowboy Studio’s wireless triggers for this shoot.

7_23_2013_laquita_cowart_drayton-101 7_23_2013_laquita_cowart_drayton-107 7_23_2013_laquita_cowart_drayton-148 7_23_2013_laquita_cowart_drayton-149 7_23_2013_laquita_cowart_drayton-14 7_23_2013_laquita_cowart_drayton-17 7_23_2013_laquita_cowart_drayton-20 7_23_2013_laquita_cowart_drayton-83 7_23_2013_laquita_cowart_drayton-86 7_23_2013_laquita_cowart_drayton-93