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{Photo-Booth!!!} | Mia & Marshall Weaver | Florence, SC

Around The Block Photo-Booth was happy to serve Mia & Marshall Weaver at their wedding unity. The ceremony was at Trinity Methodist Church in Bennettsville, SC and the reception at the Florence Civic Center. We always have fun at events, but this one was special. We had all the space we wanted in our own lil section. Easy access to the loading area and plenty of room for guests. All of these images can be downloaded by clicking this link. Be sure to “Like” us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram. Interested in having images like these of your own? Feel free to contact us. Take a look…20160528_203148_085 20160528_204208_758 20160528_204420_903 20160528_204531_475 20160528_204658_015 20160528_204753_427 20160528_204910_458 20160528_205034_241 20160528_205158_051 20160528_205306_651 20160528_205422_525 20160528_205551_416 20160528_205659_130 20160528_205804_863 20160528_210028_572 20160528_210212_490 20160528_210408_723 20160528_210603_302 20160528_210706_577 20160528_210831_026 20160528_210935_459 20160528_211101_736 20160528_211248_585 20160528_212334_341 20160528_212447_636 20160528_212540_500 20160528_212653_354 20160528_212749_281

20160528_213252_927 20160601_081504_973 20160601_081524_441 20160601_081530_698
20160601_081544_431 20160601_081601_505


{Bridal Session!!!} |Carleeta Guider | Siebel’s House

It’s always fun and exciting shooting weddings. That’s why i got into photography. But what’s hard sometimes is not sharing all the fun and good times capturing the bride-to-be until after the wedding. In March, Around The Block Photography had the honor of photographing Carleeta’s Bridal session at The Historic Siebel’s House in Columbia, SC. Her  colors were every shade of blue and the session was totally enhanced through the talented and creative efforts of Debbie Williams and Blue Key Creations. Debbie did an amazing job of styling this session. From a custom bouquet, wine bottles, picture frames, jewelry, modern blue chair, formal dinner table setting and oval mirror, Blue Key Creations transformed an already nice venue into a beautifully styled location to compliment our elegant bride to be. Thank you Carleeta for an amazing session. You braved the cold took direction well and really photographed well. Thanks also to Dominikii Coleman of DC Photography for being a second shooter. Want images like these of your own? Contact us to see how. Take a look…

{Wedding} | Ashleigh & Sean | South Carolina Archives & History Center

Back in June 2015, I teamed up again with FOKAS photography for the unity of Ashleigh and Sean. Ashleigh’s bridal session was done a few weeks ago where i met her two lovely daughters, good looking mom and all the smiles between all of them. The wedding started with a head full of long, pretty natural hair styled by Divine Oasis Salon. From there, the ladies got prepared at the ceremony location,Second Nazareth Baptist Church. The church had enough space to sit everyone comfortably, and to see the ceremony with unobstructed views. Following the ceremony, we traveled to the reception venue, the South Carolina History & Archives Center. With a sweets table, decorations in blue, white and black, we celebrated with plenty of fun, food, and good times. Congratulations AShleigh and Sean!!! Interested in having images like these of your own? Feel free to contact us. Be sure to “Like” us on Facebook and follow us on instagram. Take a look…

{Throwback}{Wedding} |Megan & Bradley | Mepkin Abbey

Another blog entry from the “Throwback” series, we are happy to present Megan & Bradley. This beautiful wedding was held at the Mepkin Abbey venue in Mt. Pleasant, SC. Inside the WIld Dunes Resort, the  Bride-to-be and her bridal party prepared for the wedding. Celeste Penny Fortier  of Salon Latitude did an awesome job with Megan’s hair and make-up. Plenty of fun, laughter and play for the women as they got ready. The reception was at The Pepper Mill Plantation’s Pavilion. A rustic and barn inspired venue, we ate well with catering from the Cast Iron food truck with deserts and sweets from Cupcake Downsouth. Another awesome wedding from being a second shooter to FOKAS Photography.  Like what you see? Consider clicking “Like” on our facebook page. Interested in having images like these of your own? Contact us so we can talk. Take a look…

10_17_2014_megan_&_bradley_wedding-461 10_17_2014_megan_&_bradley_wedding-469 10_17_2014_megan_&_bradley_wedding-506 10_17_2014_megan_&_bradley_wedding-513 10_17_2014_megan_&_bradley_wedding-516 10_17_2014_megan_&_bradley_wedding-528



{Throwback} | {Michelle & Steven} | Providence Country Club

I was shooting a wedding where the groom-to-be was telling me about his cousin. His cousin was a photographer who shoot all types of red carpet events in Atlanta. And that this cousin was a groomsmen in the wedding. So we met, shared some stories, and kept in touch. It was sometime in 2011. Jerome Pearson of J Pearson Photography is a cool dude. At the time, he shot Canon, and was about 2 or 3 years into photography.  We kept in touch that year and when the opportunity came for me to help him on a wedding I jumped to it. Charlotte NC’s Providence Country Club served as the venue for the union of Michelle & Steven. We started out with the Bridesmaids and their purple dresses. These lovely ladies were not camera shy at all, and Michelle took full advantage of every angle, pose and look. The men of Kappa Alpha Psi always know how to dress and do things in style. It was no different on this day. It was a great wedding, with beautiful folks, colors and one of my first wedding on a golf course/country club. It was a great start of many more weddings with JPearson and also the dynamic duo of videographers there. Take a look…

{Wedding} | Jametta & Ronjae | 701 Whaley

As a second shooter to FOKAS Photography, another wedding was held at the beautiful 701 Whaley venue in Columbia, SC.  701 Whaley is a nice venue by itself, but my favorite wedding decoration team, South Carolina Wedding Co. made it breathtaking. Ms. Tammy is simply amazing at what she and her team does. They can transform anything. We’ve been working together since 2012. Jametta and Ronjae were hitched on November 28, 2015 and what a fun wedding it was. The groomsmen were dapper in their dark suits and the bridesmaids very pretty in their grey and coral dresses. The make-up by Marquita Williams was simply flawless. Everyone looked good. It was good seeing so many people at this wedding. My old football coach was in the wedding, a classmate was a groomsmen, and the maid of honor helped me in one of my first entrepreneurial endeavors. This wedding was brilliantly organized and coordinated through the skill of Javettra and her company Avila Dawn Events. Interested in having images like these of your event? Feel free to contact us. | 866.200.1350  Take a look…11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-31 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-40 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-61 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-62 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-63 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-69 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-75 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-122 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-126 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-131 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-158 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-183 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-252 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-335 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-341 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-351 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-355 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-409 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-418 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-432 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-456 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-460 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-474 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-488 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-517 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-613 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-619 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-638 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-695 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-717 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-720 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-728 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-750 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-777 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-786



{Photo-Booth!!!} |Talisha & Dave Harrison | Statesville, NC

Celebrating the Union of Talisha & Dave Harrison, the Photo-Booth served the guests and bridal party during the reception. After a few changes in our set up, we were rolling in laughter and fun. Using the drapery at Grace Wedding & Event Center as a backdrop, we made the announcement that the Photo-Booth was now in operation and a line quickly formed. Thanks goes to Joie Harrison and Quiana Curenton for making the being on the team and making the Photo-Booth what it was. Couldn’t have done it without you two. My favorites of the night are below, and the downloadable and full image collection can be found by clicking here (Download Code of 1716).. This photo-booth was so fun, even the team got to enjoy it. Those images will be in a later post. Want an awesome, fun and energetic experience at your event? Contact us to make it happen. Take a Look…

12_5_2015_talisha_and_dave_harrison_photobooth-194 12_5_2015_talisha_and_dave_harrison_photobooth-179 12_5_2015_talisha_and_dave_harrison_photobooth-166 12_5_2015_talisha_and_dave_harrison_photobooth-164 12_5_2015_talisha_and_dave_harrison_photobooth-154 12_5_2015_talisha_and_dave_harrison_photobooth-150 12_5_2015_talisha_and_dave_harrison_photobooth-142 12_5_2015_talisha_and_dave_harrison_photobooth-136 12_5_2015_talisha_and_dave_harrison_photobooth-135 12_5_2015_talisha_and_dave_harrison_photobooth-133 12_5_2015_talisha_and_dave_harrison_photobooth-115 12_5_2015_talisha_and_dave_harrison_photobooth-112 12_5_2015_talisha_and_dave_harrison_photobooth-108 12_5_2015_talisha_and_dave_harrison_photobooth-106 12_5_2015_talisha_and_dave_harrison_photobooth-100 12_5_2015_talisha_and_dave_harrison_photobooth-82 12_5_2015_talisha_and_dave_harrison_photobooth-79 12_5_2015_talisha_and_dave_harrison_photobooth-76 12_5_2015_talisha_and_dave_harrison_photobooth-72 12_5_2015_talisha_and_dave_harrison_photobooth-62 12_5_2015_talisha_and_dave_harrison_photobooth-60 12_5_2015_talisha_and_dave_harrison_photobooth-57 12_5_2015_talisha_and_dave_harrison_photobooth-53 12_5_2015_talisha_and_dave_harrison_photobooth-50 12_5_2015_talisha_and_dave_harrison_photobooth-47 12_5_2015_talisha_and_dave_harrison_photobooth-42 12_5_2015_talisha_and_dave_harrison_photobooth-35 12_5_2015_talisha_and_dave_harrison_photobooth-20 12_5_2015_talisha_and_dave_harrison_photobooth-14 12_5_2015_talisha_and_dave_harrison_photobooth-11



{Talisha & Dave Harrison} | Hitched!!! | Statesville, NC

We were happy to serve Talisha and Dave Harrison on their wedding day. Talisha contacted us back in May and from her online photos I knew this would be a fun couple. Fast forward several months, the day had finally come. Statesville, NC about an hour north of Charlotte, NC is a small, country lil town. Inside the Courtyard Marriott I saw just the spot outside to capture a few bridal images. When i first entered the suite, I was greeted by three of the most talkative and picture taking young ladies. These two 7-year olds and a 5-year old must have requested about 50 pictures themselves. The bridal party was just as energetic until I met the mom. She is truly a character and topped them all. The ceremony and reception were both at the Grace Wedding and Event Center. Decorated beautifully in a red wine and white, the vintage inspired decor set an elegant tone. We shot the groom and groomsmen getting ready about 2 hours before the wedding. The groomsmen were just about all members of Omega Psi Phi, and they had no issue letting you know. After a few shots of the bride and her Red Bottoms, we entered the venue for the start of the wedding. IThanks goes to the team of Joie Harrison, Quiana Curenton for running the Photo-Booth and Quentin Curry of Eye Do Photography for being a second shooter. Interested in obtaining images like these of your own? Contact us to see how. Take a look…


12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-2 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-12 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-18 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-25 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-28 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-29 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-42 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-68 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-73 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-78 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-88 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-92 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-98 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-108 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-130 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-139 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-141 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-147 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-149 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-150 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-155 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-162 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-177 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-179 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-186 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-213 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-219 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-221 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-231 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-240 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-263 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-291 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-300 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-308 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-310 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-345 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-353 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-357 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-373 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-379 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-387 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-401 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-405 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-414 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-423 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-424 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-430 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-432 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-464 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-466 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-469 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-479 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-482 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-486 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-499 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-512 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-517 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-522 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-538 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-541 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-542 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-545 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-552 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-561 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-565 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-569 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-572 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-576 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-620 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-621 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-624 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-625 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-649 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-671 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-679 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-685 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-732 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-736 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-749 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-754 12_5_2015_talisha_&_dave_harriison_wedding-759

{New Website!!!}

Well, it’s that time…To apply some things learned, reach new goals, and to better position things. And what a way to start with a new website, logo and mentality. Just a screenshot of the upcoming new site below. Take a look…


Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 11.59.41 PM

{Wedding} | Alissa & Dwayne | Isle of Palms

This wedding was the first of three this weekend. The first of two in one day. And it started at 6AM. My first Sunrise wedding, I went to Charleston, SC the night before and stayed on my favorite part…Daniel’s Island. About 5AM I was in route to help celebrate Alissa & Dwayne. A cool, dark drive into the Isle of Palms I grabbed my gear and headed to the house after getting some shots on the beach itself first. With the smallest saxophone I ever saw in life, the smooth runs and riffs echoed the sounds from the waves hitting the shore. After some preparation shots, the sun began to emerge and so did the guests. This first time experience really was a a beautiful wedding. The beach and outside provided unique elements you simply just won’t find inside. Sand, crabs, salt water, 100+ marathon runners…Good times! Interested in obtaining images like these of your own? Contact us to see how. Take a look…

9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_001 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_003 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_015 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_031 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_047 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_061 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_074 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_077 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_078 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_084 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_090 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_109 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_110 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_111 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_114 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_117 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_125 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_132 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_145 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_156 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_172 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_184 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_186 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_192 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_196 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_218 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_242 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_249 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_250 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_252 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_261 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_263 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_267 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_272 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_275 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_300