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jade & jovan engagement

First engagement session of the year!!! Attractive couple, great energy and so much creativity! I’m super excited for this wedding in July! My team and I will be able to capture a unique wedding after hearing all of their plans. This engagement session started near the apartment of the engaged couple. With the eye of Dr. Jade and cooperation of Jovan we easily made it happen…literally a few steps outside of the home. Talk about not having to go far. The first outfit, all black, served as a more formal approach to the couple. We went to an opening of tall wheat looking grass nearby and some shots using teh bamboo canes as a background. Also close by was a body of water from the nearby river.  Some tall oaks with Spanish moss helped create a spot for more pictures before looking at the water itself.                                                                                                                                                                           After a misty, gloomy early morning, it really ended up being a very pretty day. Perfect for an outfit change. And that’s what they did. Whites and blues of denim created the second look as we traveled to the popular Riverfront Park. Near the famous red door we started with some creative ways to use the huge water pipe. A little bit of athleticism, creativity, posing and a couple of laughs later, we used the red door, amphitheater, steps and benches to finish our session. Congratulations and super excited about July!!!                                                                                                                                                     Want images like these of your own session? Contact us as we love talking about pictures! Feel free to “Like” us on Facebook and “Follow” us on Instagram.

New Year’s Party | 2017 | Ritz-Carlton

So thankful for all the things in 2016, and looking forward to 2017. The new year started with momentum already from the last part of 2016. Newer ideas, concepts and plans on execution. And a renewed opportunity with King Entertainment to photograph some parts of #GorgeousAtTheRitz. Charlotte, NC and King Entertainment are 1 of 2 only parties that I ever photograph. You have got to be upscale, safe and classy for my selective, mature and bourgeoisie  team to participate. The Ritz-Carlton provided such an atmosphere and the Around The Block Photo-Booth rendered services for the New Year’s Party. Trying out some new things and setting the tone for 2017, we had a blast. All of the images can be found on our NEW WEBSITE under the Photo-Booth category. Take a look…


Experiences, Not Things | Part I

       The last quarter of 2016 was simply AWESOME!!! Birthdays to some very important people in my life, the wrapping up and anticipation of a new year, family, food, fun and the Holidays! In a recent blog I expressed about how I’d rather spend my money on experiences rather than things. Short story…It was October 2015 when the photographer’s work who I absolutely love and aspire (Ross Oscar Knight) had a workshop. In finding that workshop online, I also saw of another workshop he was having in Croatia, Italy, and some other far away expensive and beautiful places. Well, some bad person wanted to bomb up the airport in one of the countries and that messed up that trip. I had a chance to be a second photographer with the best photographer on my team to Hawaii. Bahamas.  Somewhere… I forgot. But that didn’t work out. But then, my best friend in the whole wide world and her Belgium based company, with her global manager position title whatever asked her to conduct a training or something in Sweden.

Now, I don’t know what you and your best friend do, and how far y’alls history go, but as for mine, when after the training and work stuff got done…And she expressed interest in spending some extra days in a foreign country…Heck yeah!!! I’ll meet you and explore it with you. How much does it cost? What Dates? How much? Don’t matter, I got it. I’m there. It was only one of the most memorable experiences to date. Won’t He do it? If you let Him!

Since 2015 I had planned to go to Europe. A bombing on one opportunity, a cancellation 3 weeks before the other opportunity, and bad timing on the third opportunity would make most people spend that money on something else or go somewhere else. But God worked it out and Paris/London bound I went. So as I start a series of blog entries to share most of the trip, know that I am so blessed to have an Awesome God, family and best friend. I don’t know what you and your best friend can do, but mine and I sure enjoyed Paris and London. Vegas, Atlanta and New York are nice, but we went bigger and harder. Save up. Take a look…

Photo-Booth | The Original Team | Back Together

Shandelle Simmons!!! Dominikii Coleman!!! These two young woman have been the catalyst to Around The Block Photo – Booth for the last 2.5 years. Much of the improvements, concepts, equipment and success has been through some complicated and strange times. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I think our first adventure was in Charleston 2014 where I met my new favorite place to meet folk, leach on the internet, print and chill (Crown Royal Plaza). So as the team and everything grows, I had to ask to come together for a few pics and some fun times again at a reception. Ladies, thanks for all you’ve done. For all your patience, comments, suggestions and most of all for your time. I hope I have been and to continue to be as much help and influence as you have to me. Look at some of the Behind-The-Scenes images from that night…

Dominikii Coleman @ Dominikii Coleman Photography | Official Website

Shandelle Simmons @ b3 Photography | Official Website

{Bridal Session!!!} |Carleeta Guider | Siebel’s House

It’s always fun and exciting shooting weddings. That’s why i got into photography. But what’s hard sometimes is not sharing all the fun and good times capturing the bride-to-be until after the wedding. In March, Around The Block Photography had the honor of photographing Carleeta’s Bridal session at The Historic Siebel’s House in Columbia, SC. Her  colors were every shade of blue and the session was totally enhanced through the talented and creative efforts of Debbie Williams and Blue Key Creations. Debbie did an amazing job of styling this session. From a custom bouquet, wine bottles, picture frames, jewelry, modern blue chair, formal dinner table setting and oval mirror, Blue Key Creations transformed an already nice venue into a beautifully styled location to compliment our elegant bride to be. Thank you Carleeta for an amazing session. You braved the cold took direction well and really photographed well. Thanks also to Dominikii Coleman of DC Photography for being a second shooter. Want images like these of your own? Contact us to see how. Take a look…

{Wedding} | Jennifer & Lance | 701 Whaley

Another beautiful wedding as a second shooter to FOKAS Photography. One of my favorite decoration team, South Carolina Wedding Co did their thing again at one of South Carolina’s finest venues, 701 Whaley. With its exposed beams, original hardwoods, and stucco and palstered walls we love the rustic feel of this venue. Jennifer and her bridesmaids prepared for the wedding in the bridal loft, a large room with a second floor loft over looking the entire space.  The ladies were gifted with bags, drinking glasses, and embroidered robes. Jennifer received a pair of express heels, a card, and a selfie stick from Lance.  The selfie stick was a big hit and used almost immediately.

The wedding was on the second floor of 701 Whaley and the Reception was on the ground floor.  The reception was a full out party thanks to DJ-DDubb, The night ended with a grand exit with sparklers.Congratulations Jennifer & Lance!! Interested in having images like these of your own? Feel free to contact us. Be sure to “Like” us on Facebookand follow us on instagram. Take a look…

4_10_2015_Jennifer_and_Lance_wedding-415 4_10_2015_Jennifer_and_Lance_wedding-420

{Courtney Harrison} | Bridal Session | Daniel Island

How exciting…Winthrop Alum, pretty lady, Daniel Island…the bridal session of Courtney Harrison is one i cant wait to post. Days before the ceremony we got up early on a Wednesday and had a blast. Starting with a charismatic family, the bridal gown had its own 30 minutes. While changing, an alligator had its own 15 minute session, and finally Ms. Courtney had all the time she needed. We found a few spots in Smythe Park and with the help of sister, mom and an aunt, we captured a beautiful bride to be. Take a look…


9_16_2015_courtney_harrison_bridal_session-78 9_16_2015_courtney_harrison_bridal_session-119 9_16_2015_courtney_harrison_bridal_session-123 9_16_2015_courtney_harrison_bridal_session-128 9_16_2015_courtney_harrison_bridal_session-138 9_16_2015_courtney_harrison_bridal_session-219 9_16_2015_courtney_harrison_bridal_session-226 9_16_2015_courtney_harrison_bridal_session-228 9_16_2015_courtney_harrison_bridal_session-237 9_16_2015_courtney_harrison_bridal_session-244 9_16_2015_courtney_harrison_bridal_session-270 9_16_2015_courtney_harrison_bridal_session-279 9_16_2015_courtney_harrison_bridal_session-330 9_16_2015_courtney_harrison_bridal_session-379 9_16_2015_courtney_harrison_bridal_session-402 9_16_2015_courtney_harrison_bridal_session-416 9_16_2015_courtney_harrison_bridal_session-485 9_16_2015_courtney_harrison_bridal_session-486 9_16_2015_courtney_harrison_bridal_session-490 9_16_2015_courtney_harrison_bridal_session-509 gator

{Jordan & Dylan} | Engaged!!! | Folly Beach, SC

Jordan And Dylan are two educators in two individuals in love with each other. Mr. Dylan was a true gentleman and Ms. Jordan is as brave and fearless. The two of them really had fun and made this engagement session so much fun. They had their own ideas, props and took ownership of their session.  I’ve always wanted to find the lighthouse on Folly Beach, and after a good 10 minute walk, we arrived. Being a second shooter to FOKAS Photography we  and  battling strong winds, angry birds, and calming waves to capture these stunning images. We had an excellent time, and I’m glad i finally got to see the lighthouse and shoot near it. Interested in having images like these for your engagement session? Simply contact us. Don’t forget to “Like” us on FacebookTake a look…

6_12_2015_jordan_and_dylan_engagement-2 6_12_2015_jordan_and_dylan_engagement-6 6_12_2015_jordan_and_dylan_engagement-15 6_12_2015_jordan_and_dylan_engagement-48 6_12_2015_jordan_and_dylan_engagement-51 6_12_2015_jordan_and_dylan_engagement-61 6_12_2015_jordan_and_dylan_engagement-66 6_12_2015_jordan_and_dylan_engagement-84 6_12_2015_jordan_and_dylan_engagement-90 6_12_2015_jordan_and_dylan_engagement-113 6_12_2015_jordan_and_dylan_engagement-139 6_12_2015_jordan_and_dylan_engagement-148 6_12_2015_jordan_and_dylan_engagement-154 6_12_2015_jordan_and_dylan_engagement-163 6_12_2015_jordan_and_dylan_engagement-172 6_12_2015_jordan_and_dylan_engagement-177 6_12_2015_jordan_and_dylan_engagement-183 6_12_2015_jordan_and_dylan_engagement-208 6_12_2015_jordan_and_dylan_engagement-223 6_12_2015_jordan_and_dylan_engagement-228

{Hitched!!!} | Shaquanda & Adam | Charleston, SC

We had the pleasure of capturing Shaquanda and Adam’s wedding ceremony and reception at the Charleston Marriott Hotel. Their colors were turquioise and silver, and these were the most energetic groomsmen ever. Mostly members of Omgea Psi Phi Fraternity, these young men were  wide open. From the engagement session of Shaquanda and Adam, i thought that Adam was quiet. His groomsmen spoke for him all throughout the day. All 10 of them. Stepping off the elevator on the second floor i could hear them celebrating! Mrs. Keke Swinton of Simply Kreative met me at 7am to set up the photobooth, and an awesome planner is she! Easy to work with, had clear direction and made things happen. Dominikii of DC Photography and Shandelle of b3 Photography created a fun, high energy atmosphere for the photobooth. Thank you ladies for all that you do! Couldnt have asked for a better team to help capture Shaquanda & Adam’s wedding. Take a look…

P.S. If you are interested in photos like this for your wedding or wedding related event feel free to contact us! We would be more than happy to listen to your vision and see how we can help capture your event. – Sir Blocker  | 866.200.1350  | Info@AroundTheBlockPhotographycom


7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-5 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-11 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-23 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-28 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-43 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-50 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-52 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-54 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-61 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-62 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-69 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-74 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-75 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-962 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-100 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-107 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-113 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-158 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-191 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-220 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-222 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-230 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-232 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-265 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-300 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-302 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-312 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-321 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-348 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-369 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-373 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-392 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-398 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-399 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-403 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-426 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-444 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-459 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-461 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-467 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-501 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-509 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-631 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-635 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-639 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-645 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-708 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-727 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-731 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-759 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-762 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-775 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-776 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-796 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-812 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-813 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-822 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-825 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-867 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-877 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-903 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-916 7_11_2015_shaquanda_and_adam_wedding-948




{Quinessa & Jamel} | Hitched!!! | Brookland Baptist + 701 Whaley

The Dream Team, back together again!!! Dominic of FOKAS Photography, Richard of True View Photography, and Sir Blocker (me) linked up together for Quinessa & Jamel’s wedding. Quinessa and her bridal party got prepared at the Hilton’s presidential Suite. Demetrius Cunningham, an awesome make-up artist did his thing with Quinessa. One of the highlights included Quinessa being gifted a pair of Christian Louboutin’s, Her face was lit!

For us regular folk, we drove our own cars to Brookland Baptist. Only a stretched Hummer would do for the bridal party.however, the Rolls Royce Phantom carried the bride and groom separately. The ceremony was emotional, full of laughs, smiles, and tears.

Quinessa and Jamel assembled familiar and some of the greatest vendors. South Carolina Wedding Co. did an amazing job as usual transforming the already beautiful 701 Whaley venue. TJ Wilson of Images of Power Videography and The Dream Team pulled of a unified team effort to make this day one to remember.

Interested in having images like these of your event? Feel free to contact us. | 866.200.1350  Take a look…


5_30_2015_quinessa_and_jamel_wedding-1 5_30_2015_quinessa_and_jamel_wedding-2 5_30_2015_quinessa_and_jamel_wedding-15 5_30_2015_quinessa_and_jamel_wedding-26 5_30_2015_quinessa_and_jamel_wedding-28 5_30_2015_quinessa_and_jamel_wedding-49 5_30_2015_quinessa_and_jamel_wedding-56 5_30_2015_quinessa_and_jamel_wedding-114 5_30_2015_quinessa_and_jamel_wedding-132 5_30_2015_quinessa_and_jamel_wedding-150 5_30_2015_quinessa_and_jamel_wedding-303 5_30_2015_quinessa_and_jamel_wedding-312 5_30_2015_quinessa_and_jamel_wedding-321 5_30_2015_quinessa_and_jamel_wedding-324 5_30_2015_quinessa_and_jamel_wedding-367 5_30_2015_quinessa_and_jamel_wedding-400 5_30_2015_quinessa_and_jamel_wedding-418 5_30_2015_quinessa_and_jamel_wedding-433 5_30_2015_quinessa_and_jamel_wedding-451 5_30_2015_quinessa_and_jamel_wedding-516 5_30_2015_quinessa_and_jamel_wedding-534 5_30_2015_quinessa_and_jamel_wedding-546 5_30_2015_quinessa_and_jamel_wedding-562 5_30_2015_quinessa_and_jamel_wedding-572 5_30_2015_quinessa_and_jamel_wedding-574 5_30_2015_quinessa_and_jamel_wedding-575 5_30_2015_quinessa_and_jamel_wedding-582 5_30_2015_quinessa_and_jamel_wedding-602 5_30_2015_quinessa_and_jamel_wedding-611 5_30_2015_quinessa_and_jamel_wedding-707 5_30_2015_quinessa_and_jamel_wedding-715 5_30_2015_quinessa_and_jamel_wedding-802 5_30_2015_quinessa_and_jamel_wedding-805 5_30_2015_quinessa_and_jamel_wedding-824 5_30_2015_quinessa_and_jamel_wedding-829 5_30_2015_quinessa_and_jamel_wedding-838 5_30_2015_quinessa_and_jamel_wedding-871 5_30_2015_quinessa_and_jamel_wedding-882 5_30_2015_quinessa_and_jamel_wedding-884 5_30_2015_quinessa_and_jamel_wedding-891 5_30_2015_quinessa_and_jamel_wedding-898 5_30_2015_quinessa_and_jamel_wedding-902 5_30_2015_quinessa_and_jamel_wedding-904 5_30_2015_quinessa_and_jamel_wedding-912 5_30_2015_quinessa_and_jamel_wedding-930 5_30_2015_quinessa_and_jamel_wedding-941 5_30_2015_quinessa_and_jamel_wedding-947 5_30_2015_quinessa_and_jamel_wedding-985 5_30_2015_quinessa_and_jamel_wedding-1068 5_30_2015_quinessa_and_jamel_wedding-1087