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jade & jovan engagement

First engagement session of the year!!! Attractive couple, great energy and so much creativity! I’m super excited for this wedding in July! My team and I will be able to capture a unique wedding after hearing all of their plans. This engagement session started near the apartment of the engaged couple. With the eye of Dr. Jade and cooperation of Jovan we easily made it happen…literally a few steps outside of the home. Talk about not having to go far. The first outfit, all black, served as a more formal approach to the couple. We went to an opening of tall wheat looking grass nearby and some shots using teh bamboo canes as a background. Also close by was a body of water from the nearby river.  Some tall oaks with Spanish moss helped create a spot for more pictures before looking at the water itself.                                                                                                                                                                           After a misty, gloomy early morning, it really ended up being a very pretty day. Perfect for an outfit change. And that’s what they did. Whites and blues of denim created the second look as we traveled to the popular Riverfront Park. Near the famous red door we started with some creative ways to use the huge water pipe. A little bit of athleticism, creativity, posing and a couple of laughs later, we used the red door, amphitheater, steps and benches to finish our session. Congratulations and super excited about July!!!                                                                                                                                                     Want images like these of your own session? Contact us as we love talking about pictures! Feel free to “Like” us on Facebook and “Follow” us on Instagram.

{Wedding} | Jennifer & Lance | 701 Whaley

Another beautiful wedding as a second shooter to FOKAS Photography. One of my favorite decoration team, South Carolina Wedding Co did their thing again at one of South Carolina’s finest venues, 701 Whaley. With its exposed beams, original hardwoods, and stucco and palstered walls we love the rustic feel of this venue. Jennifer and her bridesmaids prepared for the wedding in the bridal loft, a large room with a second floor loft over looking the entire space.  The ladies were gifted with bags, drinking glasses, and embroidered robes. Jennifer received a pair of express heels, a card, and a selfie stick from Lance.  The selfie stick was a big hit and used almost immediately.

The wedding was on the second floor of 701 Whaley and the Reception was on the ground floor.  The reception was a full out party thanks to DJ-DDubb, The night ended with a grand exit with sparklers.Congratulations Jennifer & Lance!! Interested in having images like these of your own? Feel free to contact us. Be sure to “Like” us on Facebookand follow us on instagram. Take a look…

4_10_2015_Jennifer_and_Lance_wedding-415 4_10_2015_Jennifer_and_Lance_wedding-420

{Wedding} | Ashleigh & Sean | South Carolina Archives & History Center

Back in June 2015, I teamed up again with FOKAS photography for the unity of Ashleigh and Sean. Ashleigh’s bridal session was done a few weeks ago where i met her two lovely daughters, good looking mom and all the smiles between all of them. The wedding started with a head full of long, pretty natural hair styled by Divine Oasis Salon. From there, the ladies got prepared at the ceremony location,Second Nazareth Baptist Church. The church had enough space to sit everyone comfortably, and to see the ceremony with unobstructed views. Following the ceremony, we traveled to the reception venue, the South Carolina History & Archives Center. With a sweets table, decorations in blue, white and black, we celebrated with plenty of fun, food, and good times. Congratulations AShleigh and Sean!!! Interested in having images like these of your own? Feel free to contact us. Be sure to “Like” us on Facebook and follow us on instagram. Take a look…

{Throwback}{Wedding} |Megan & Bradley | Mepkin Abbey

Another blog entry from the “Throwback” series, we are happy to present Megan & Bradley. This beautiful wedding was held at the Mepkin Abbey venue in Mt. Pleasant, SC. Inside the WIld Dunes Resort, the  Bride-to-be and her bridal party prepared for the wedding. Celeste Penny Fortier  of Salon Latitude did an awesome job with Megan’s hair and make-up. Plenty of fun, laughter and play for the women as they got ready. The reception was at The Pepper Mill Plantation’s Pavilion. A rustic and barn inspired venue, we ate well with catering from the Cast Iron food truck with deserts and sweets from Cupcake Downsouth. Another awesome wedding from being a second shooter to FOKAS Photography.  Like what you see? Consider clicking “Like” on our facebook page. Interested in having images like these of your own? Contact us so we can talk. Take a look…

10_17_2014_megan_&_bradley_wedding-461 10_17_2014_megan_&_bradley_wedding-469 10_17_2014_megan_&_bradley_wedding-506 10_17_2014_megan_&_bradley_wedding-513 10_17_2014_megan_&_bradley_wedding-516 10_17_2014_megan_&_bradley_wedding-528



{Throwback} | {Michelle & Steven} | Providence Country Club

I was shooting a wedding where the groom-to-be was telling me about his cousin. His cousin was a photographer who shoot all types of red carpet events in Atlanta. And that this cousin was a groomsmen in the wedding. So we met, shared some stories, and kept in touch. It was sometime in 2011. Jerome Pearson of J Pearson Photography is a cool dude. At the time, he shot Canon, and was about 2 or 3 years into photography.  We kept in touch that year and when the opportunity came for me to help him on a wedding I jumped to it. Charlotte NC’s Providence Country Club served as the venue for the union of Michelle & Steven. We started out with the Bridesmaids and their purple dresses. These lovely ladies were not camera shy at all, and Michelle took full advantage of every angle, pose and look. The men of Kappa Alpha Psi always know how to dress and do things in style. It was no different on this day. It was a great wedding, with beautiful folks, colors and one of my first wedding on a golf course/country club. It was a great start of many more weddings with JPearson and also the dynamic duo of videographers there. Take a look…

{Wedding} | Jametta & Ronjae | 701 Whaley

As a second shooter to FOKAS Photography, another wedding was held at the beautiful 701 Whaley venue in Columbia, SC.  701 Whaley is a nice venue by itself, but my favorite wedding decoration team, South Carolina Wedding Co. made it breathtaking. Ms. Tammy is simply amazing at what she and her team does. They can transform anything. We’ve been working together since 2012. Jametta and Ronjae were hitched on November 28, 2015 and what a fun wedding it was. The groomsmen were dapper in their dark suits and the bridesmaids very pretty in their grey and coral dresses. The make-up by Marquita Williams was simply flawless. Everyone looked good. It was good seeing so many people at this wedding. My old football coach was in the wedding, a classmate was a groomsmen, and the maid of honor helped me in one of my first entrepreneurial endeavors. This wedding was brilliantly organized and coordinated through the skill of Javettra and her company Avila Dawn Events. Interested in having images like these of your event? Feel free to contact us. | 866.200.1350  Take a look…11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-31 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-40 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-61 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-62 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-63 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-69 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-75 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-122 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-126 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-131 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-158 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-183 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-252 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-335 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-341 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-351 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-355 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-409 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-418 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-432 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-456 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-460 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-474 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-488 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-517 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-613 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-619 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-638 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-695 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-717 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-720 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-728 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-750 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-777 11_28_2015_jometta_and_runjae_wedding-786



{Happy New Year!!!} – 2016

ATBPhotography_Logo_12_11_2016Happy New Year!!! 2015 was a year of much growth, second shooting and sharing. I expect to do same with more application in 2016 and planting as many seeds in others as possible. Equipped with a more defined focus, plan and arsenal of tools for better implementation, I’m looking forward to 2016. And of course I’m forming teams and binging as many people as I can along the way. New branding, website, office space, equipment…That nice, but what is better and what i’m most excited about is a more prepared mentality and personal foundation. It’s already decided. 2016 is a great year.



{Wedding} | Alissa & Dwayne | Isle of Palms

This wedding was the first of three this weekend. The first of two in one day. And it started at 6AM. My first Sunrise wedding, I went to Charleston, SC the night before and stayed on my favorite part…Daniel’s Island. About 5AM I was in route to help celebrate Alissa & Dwayne. A cool, dark drive into the Isle of Palms I grabbed my gear and headed to the house after getting some shots on the beach itself first. With the smallest saxophone I ever saw in life, the smooth runs and riffs echoed the sounds from the waves hitting the shore. After some preparation shots, the sun began to emerge and so did the guests. This first time experience really was a a beautiful wedding. The beach and outside provided unique elements you simply just won’t find inside. Sand, crabs, salt water, 100+ marathon runners…Good times! Interested in obtaining images like these of your own? Contact us to see how. Take a look…

9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_001 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_003 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_015 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_031 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_047 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_061 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_074 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_077 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_078 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_084 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_090 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_109 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_110 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_111 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_114 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_117 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_125 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_132 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_145 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_156 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_172 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_184 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_186 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_192 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_196 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_218 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_242 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_249 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_250 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_252 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_261 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_263 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_267 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_272 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_275 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_300

{Bridal Session} | Janelle Brown | Lace House

This year has been a year of some incredibly attractive brides. Presenting Janelle Brown. Janelle’s bridal session was everything nice. The Lace House provided classic, Victorian styled furniture as we concentrated on more of the house than the garden section. We incorporated the natural light in most cases and used almost every room. Janelle was easy to photograph as she took direction well. If you don’t know, I cater to the ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha. Janelle is definitely one of those pretty ladies.  Looking forward to this wedding later this year. Interested in having images like these of your own? Contact us so we can see how. Always an experience second shooting to FOKAS photography. Take a look…


{Alexis & Phillip} | Hitched!!! | Spartanburg, SC

Another opportunity as a second shooter to FOKAS Photography, Alexis and Phillip were married at their home church Cornerstone Baptist Church in Spartanburg, SC. The Bride and Groom got ready at the church, and we were totally on schedule because of the month transition it was by the efforts of director Virginia Watson.  The church itself was beautiful, and the ceremony matched perfectly. Plenty of laughs energy, personality and fun! This was a large wedding party, but no problems at all in terms of pictures. The reception was at the Cleveland Park & Event Center. It was nicely decorated and had plenty of personality itself. Outside boasted a wrap around porch, water, bridges, and a very picturesque environment. I have to mention the Avengers cake the couple had. Such personality. Congratulations to Alexis and Philip!!! Interested in having pictures like these of your own? Contact us to see how. Take a look…

5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-18 5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-29 5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-35 5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-57 5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-58 5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-61 5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-62 5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-124 5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-133 5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-136 5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-143 5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-144 5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-153 5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-177 5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-184 5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-238 5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-255 5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-256 5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-268 5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-278 5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-285 5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-291 5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-304 5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-315 5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-336 5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-506 5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-513 5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-522 5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-524 5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-529 5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-540 5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-554 5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-559 5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-563 5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-564 5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-571 5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-572 5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-573 5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-574 5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-587 5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-593 5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-595 5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-597 5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-606 5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-611 5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-613 5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-649 5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-662 5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-672 5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-677 5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-682 5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-684 5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-690 5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-700 5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-707 5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-711 5_2_2015_alexis_and_phillip_jones_wedding-715