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Photo-Booth | The Original Team | Back Together

Shandelle Simmons!!! Dominikii Coleman!!! These two young woman have been the catalyst to Around The Block Photo – Booth for the last 2.5 years. Much of the improvements, concepts, equipment and success has been through some complicated and strange times. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I think our first adventure was in Charleston 2014 where I met my new favorite place to meet folk, leach on the internet,┬áprint and chill (Crown Royal Plaza). So as the team and everything grows, I had to ask to come together for a few pics and some fun times again at a reception. Ladies, thanks for all you’ve done. For all your patience, comments, suggestions and most of all for your time. I hope I have been and to continue to be as much help and influence as you have to me. Look at some of the Behind-The-Scenes images from that night…

Dominikii Coleman @ Dominikii Coleman Photography | Official Website

Shandelle Simmons @ b3 Photography | Official Website

{Video!!!} | PhotoBooth | Shayla & Gary | April 25, 2015

Watch the video of all the images from the Shayla & Gary Photo Booth…For a different view, check this Blog entry {Still Images of Shayla & Gary Bethea’s Photo-Booth}, and for the Wedding Ceremony/Reception Images, check this Blog entry…{Shayla & Gary Hitched!!!}. Take a look…