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jade & jovan engagement

First engagement session of the year!!! Attractive couple, great energy and so much creativity! I’m super excited for this wedding in July! My team and I will be able to capture a unique wedding after hearing all of their plans. This engagement session started near the apartment of the engaged couple. With the eye of Dr. Jade and cooperation of Jovan we easily made it happen…literally a few steps outside of the home. Talk about not having to go far. The first outfit, all black, served as a more formal approach to the couple. We went to an opening of tall wheat looking grass nearby and some shots using teh bamboo canes as a background. Also close by was a body of water from the nearby river.  Some tall oaks with Spanish moss helped create a spot for more pictures before looking at the water itself.                                                                                                                                                                           After a misty, gloomy early morning, it really ended up being a very pretty day. Perfect for an outfit change. And that’s what they did. Whites and blues of denim created the second look as we traveled to the popular Riverfront Park. Near the famous red door we started with some creative ways to use the huge water pipe. A little bit of athleticism, creativity, posing and a couple of laughs later, we used the red door, amphitheater, steps and benches to finish our session. Congratulations and super excited about July!!!                                                                                                                                                     Want images like these of your own session? Contact us as we love talking about pictures! Feel free to “Like” us on Facebook and “Follow” us on Instagram.

{Melanie & Emmanuel} | Engaged!!! | Columbia, SC

Melanie and Emmanuel was a great couple to photograph. I met them through a friend who showed them some of my work. A few calls and emails later and we met up in Columbia’s Vista area for their engagement session. Now, I started a work out plan (Body Beast) so i could bulk up like Mr. Emmanuel…It’s not working. But Melanie and Emmanuel were to well dressed, loving individuals and the photo-shoot could not have went more smooth. Awesome weather, great locations and high expectations. Take a look…


6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-4 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-7 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-13 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-14 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-15 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-22 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-23 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-29 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-35 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-36 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-40 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-43 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-45 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-47 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-50 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-51 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-58 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-59 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-67 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-73 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-74 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-77 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-83 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-89 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-91 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-95 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-100 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-104 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-106 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-125 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-126 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-131 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-135 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-143 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-149 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-153 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-156 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-157 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-162 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-165 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-173 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-182 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-187 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-205 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-209




{Engagement} | Mahogany & Antonio | Columbia, SC

It’s always a good day when I’m shooting. Today was Mahogany & Antonio’s engagement session in Downtown, Columbia, SC. We started out with the whole family and a few chalk board messages. Then, the kids left and the adults went to a nice church off Sumter street. We walked around the church grounds and then across the street to the Sate house. Finally, a super fast prop came off the trailer for some really good sunset shots. A silver motorcycle was used to enhance an already energetic and comical couple. Up on the garage we posted against the Columbia skyline for our last few shots. Interested in having your own awesome photography session? Contact me so we can explore your vision and options. Take a look…

4_24_2015_mahogany_and_tony_engagement-4 4_24_2015_mahogany_and_tony_engagement-20 4_24_2015_mahogany_and_tony_engagement-50 4_24_2015_mahogany_and_tony_engagement-57 4_24_2015_mahogany_and_tony_engagement-60 4_24_2015_mahogany_and_tony_engagement-66 4_24_2015_mahogany_and_tony_engagement-80 4_24_2015_mahogany_and_tony_engagement-81 4_24_2015_mahogany_and_tony_engagement-91 4_24_2015_mahogany_and_tony_engagement-98 4_24_2015_mahogany_and_tony_engagement-103 4_24_2015_mahogany_and_tony_engagement-106 4_24_2015_mahogany_and_tony_engagement-109 4_24_2015_mahogany_and_tony_engagement-114 4_24_2015_mahogany_and_tony_engagement-115 4_24_2015_mahogany_and_tony_engagement-120 4_24_2015_mahogany_and_tony_engagement-135 4_24_2015_mahogany_and_tony_engagement-139 4_24_2015_mahogany_and_tony_engagement-168 4_24_2015_mahogany_and_tony_engagement-186 4_24_2015_mahogany_and_tony_engagement-203 4_24_2015_mahogany_and_tony_engagement-219 4_24_2015_mahogany_and_tony_engagement-222 4_24_2015_mahogany_and_tony_engagement-234 4_24_2015_mahogany_and_tony_engagement-237 4_24_2015_mahogany_and_tony_engagement-242 4_24_2015_mahogany_and_tony_engagement-250

{Sneak Peek!!!} | Katrina + Kimron Brown Wedding

               With an awesome couple, plenty of preparation and help from FOKAS Photography, Katrina & Kimron Brown had a beautiful ceremony and reception at Brooklyn Baptist Church. Just a few images for a sneak peek…


Daniel Temple | Class of 2013 Session!!!


           Mr. Daniel was my first High School Senior session, and the second of only two senior sessions I’ve photographed. Both seniors were males, and both had enough style and creativity to challenge any previous photoshoot. I literally only had to pick a few places, arrive, click and burn. Downtown Columbia, SC was where we were. Not too far from the Gervais street bridge was where I saw a couple of places to shoot at. We met early, walked through the photoshoot mentally and here are the results…

Daniel Temple Senior 2013Daniel Temple Senior 2013Daniel Temple Senior 2013Daniel Temple Senior 2013Daniel Temple Senior 2013Daniel Temple Senior 2013Daniel Temple Senior 2013Daniel Temple Senior 2013Daniel Temple Senior 2013Daniel Temple Senior 2013Daniel Temple Senior 2013Daniel Temple Senior 2013Daniel Temple Senior 2013Daniel Temple Senior 2013Daniel Temple Senior 2013Daniel Temple Senior 2013

{Rod Lorick} | Photoshoot!!!

             Talented, handsome, athletic, scholarly, fashionably dressed, mature, father, alpha. Some of the characteristics describing Rod Lorick. In a society with so many hood, non-motivated immature males saturating the media and polluting our youth, it’s good to see a young man doing well, living well and growing well.Rod was once an All-American athlete, currently a singer, actor, emcee, provider, and  a Verizon wireless representative. A Winthrop University alum, I met Rod in Fall 2003, my second semester there. I joined his frat and we stayed in touch ever since then. And when he asked to do a photoshoot I readily worked with him to get it done. Here are some of my favorites…