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jade & jovan engagement

First engagement session of the year!!! Attractive couple, great energy and so much creativity! I’m super excited for this wedding in July! My team and I will be able to capture a unique wedding after hearing all of their plans. This engagement session started near the apartment of the engaged couple. With the eye of Dr. Jade and cooperation of Jovan we easily made it happen…literally a few steps outside of the home. Talk about not having to go far. The first outfit, all black, served as a more formal approach to the couple. We went to an opening of tall wheat looking grass nearby and some shots using teh bamboo canes as a background. Also close by was a body of water from the nearby river.  Some tall oaks with Spanish moss helped create a spot for more pictures before looking at the water itself.                                                                                                                                                                           After a misty, gloomy early morning, it really ended up being a very pretty day. Perfect for an outfit change. And that’s what they did. Whites and blues of denim created the second look as we traveled to the popular Riverfront Park. Near the famous red door we started with some creative ways to use the huge water pipe. A little bit of athleticism, creativity, posing and a couple of laughs later, we used the red door, amphitheater, steps and benches to finish our session. Congratulations and super excited about July!!!                                                                                                                                                     Want images like these of your own session? Contact us as we love talking about pictures! Feel free to “Like” us on Facebook and “Follow” us on Instagram.

{Wedding} | Jennifer & Lance | 701 Whaley

Another beautiful wedding as a second shooter to FOKAS Photography. One of my favorite decoration team, South Carolina Wedding Co did their thing again at one of South Carolina’s finest venues, 701 Whaley. With its exposed beams, original hardwoods, and stucco and palstered walls we love the rustic feel of this venue. Jennifer and her bridesmaids prepared for the wedding in the bridal loft, a large room with a second floor loft over looking the entire space.  The ladies were gifted with bags, drinking glasses, and embroidered robes. Jennifer received a pair of express heels, a card, and a selfie stick from Lance.  The selfie stick was a big hit and used almost immediately.

The wedding was on the second floor of 701 Whaley and the Reception was on the ground floor.  The reception was a full out party thanks to DJ-DDubb, The night ended with a grand exit with sparklers.Congratulations Jennifer & Lance!! Interested in having images like these of your own? Feel free to contact us. Be sure to “Like” us on Facebookand follow us on instagram. Take a look…

4_10_2015_Jennifer_and_Lance_wedding-415 4_10_2015_Jennifer_and_Lance_wedding-420

{Photoshoot} | Amicia Ramsey | Columbia, SC

Ms. Amicia Ramsey is a familiar face of Columbia as a multi-media journalist of WLTX 19 in Columbia, SC. I had the pleasure of photographing Ms. Amcia in downtown, Columbia. We started with harsh wind on Main street, and then made our way to the State Capital building. When finished there, what a sweet way to end part 1 of the shoot by going to Marble Slab Ice Creamery!!! Take a look…

4_4_2015_amicia_ramsey_photoshoot-7 4_4_2015_amicia_ramsey_photoshoot-15 4_4_2015_amicia_ramsey_photoshoot-49 4_4_2015_amicia_ramsey_photoshoot-67 4_4_2015_amicia_ramsey_photoshoot-170 4_4_2015_amicia_ramsey_photoshoot-193

{Engaged!!!} LLoyd & Dumbiri

Lloyd and Dumbiri are two church members of mine. When they were looking for a photographer for their wedding, I was excited to become an option for them. We talked some things out and I was excited to hear that I would be photographing their engagement session and wedding. The engagement session was in Columbia’s Waterfront Park and the SC State House. I’m looking forward to this Nigerian Wedding in Charleston SC. Congratulations you two! Take a look…

8_26_2014_lloyd_dumbiri_engagement-12 8_26_2014_lloyd_dumbiri_engagement-15 8_26_2014_lloyd_dumbiri_engagement-22 8_26_2014_lloyd_dumbiri_engagement-30 8_26_2014_lloyd_dumbiri_engagement-38 8_26_2014_lloyd_dumbiri_engagement-45 8_26_2014_lloyd_dumbiri_engagement-58 8_26_2014_lloyd_dumbiri_engagement-62 8_26_2014_lloyd_dumbiri_engagement-65 8_26_2014_lloyd_dumbiri_engagement-67 8_26_2014_lloyd_dumbiri_engagement-76 8_26_2014_lloyd_dumbiri_engagement-83 8_26_2014_lloyd_dumbiri_engagement-99 8_26_2014_lloyd_dumbiri_engagement-105 8_26_2014_lloyd_dumbiri_engagement-120 8_26_2014_lloyd_dumbiri_engagement-129 8_26_2014_lloyd_dumbiri_engagement-131 8_26_2014_lloyd_dumbiri_engagement-135 8_26_2014_lloyd_dumbiri_engagement-140 8_26_2014_lloyd_dumbiri_engagement-142 8_26_2014_lloyd_dumbiri_engagement-148 8_26_2014_lloyd_dumbiri_engagement-199 8_26_2014_lloyd_dumbiri_engagement-210 8_26_2014_lloyd_dumbiri_engagement-218 8_26_2014_lloyd_dumbiri_engagement-226

{Hitched!!!} Max & Nikesha – 6.14.2014 | The Siebels House | Columbia, SC

While being a second shooter to one of the members on our Dream Team (FOKAS Photography) The Siebel’s House and Gardens in Downtown Columbia, SC was the location for Max & Nikesha. The bride, (Nikesha) looked absolutely stunning in her dress. Her bridal party was just as nice with their lavender and purple colors. The Groom (Max) was a decorated soldier with his matching groomsmen.  Representing a vintage Pinterest quality décor, sliced oaks were used as centerpieces, two old doors connected by A-frames made the margarita tables, chicken wire and clothes pins made the RSVP table cards, and a bucket full of energy from the entire bridal party resulted in a totally enjoyable experience. Did I mention that the bride was from Winthrop University? Other than AKA’s, that’s the second entity I cater to. Take a look…

6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-2 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-4 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-5 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-13 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-16 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-27 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-128 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-166 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-194 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-283 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-287 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-295 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-312 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-340 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-350 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-424 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-427 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-464 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-468 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-473 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-473-2 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-475 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-492 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-507 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-509 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-510 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-513 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-536 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-553 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-555 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-572 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-576 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-582 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-583 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-595 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-600 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-607 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-635 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-637 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-657 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-659 6_8_2014_max_and_nikesha_mynatt-694

{Photo-shoot!!!} | Chelsea Salisbury

Catching up from some events and photo-shoots earlier in the year That I hadn’t posted yet, we have Chelsea Salisbury. An awesome model from a photography group hosted by Lori Jill in Columbia, we met downtown Columbia. We took about an hour and a half shooting and learning from different photographers and models. These are the ones that I liked the most. Take a look….


4_7_2013_chlsea_salisbury_photoshoot-1 4_7_2013_chlsea_salisbury_photoshoot-2 4_7_2013_chlsea_salisbury_photoshoot-3 4_7_2013_chlsea_salisbury_photoshoot-4 4_7_2013_chlsea_salisbury_photoshoot-5 4_7_2013_chlsea_salisbury_photoshoot-6 4_7_2013_chlsea_salisbury_photoshoot-7 4_7_2013_chlsea_salisbury_photoshoot-8 4_7_2013_chlsea_salisbury_photoshoot-9 4_7_2013_chlsea_salisbury_photoshoot-10 4_7_2013_chlsea_salisbury_photoshoot-11 4_7_2013_chlsea_salisbury_photoshoot-12 4_7_2013_chlsea_salisbury_photoshoot-13 4_7_2013_chlsea_salisbury_photoshoot-14 4_7_2013_chlsea_salisbury_photoshoot-15 4_7_2013_chlsea_salisbury_photoshoot-16 4_7_2013_chlsea_salisbury_photoshoot-17

{Courtney Wright} | Bridal Session!!! | Columbia, SC

Being a second shooter to one of The Dream Team’s own, Dominic Barthelomew of FOKAS Photography, I was able to shoot this gorgeous bride… Courtney Wright. Although we’ve shot here PLENTY of times, Courtney brought her own energy, poses and really made the bridal session fun and unique. Downtown Columbia’s Riverfront park off Laurel Street is where we shot the bridal session. Take a look…

6_23_2013_courtney_wright_Bridal-21 6_23_2013_courtney_wright_Bridal-29 6_23_2013_courtney_wright_Bridal-38 6_23_2013_courtney_wright_Bridal-41 6_23_2013_courtney_wright_Bridal-59 6_23_2013_courtney_wright_Bridal-69 6_23_2013_courtney_wright_Bridal-79 6_23_2013_courtney_wright_Bridal-95 6_23_2013_courtney_wright_Bridal-173