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Experiences, Not Things | Part I

       The last quarter of 2016 was simply AWESOME!!! Birthdays to some very important people in my life, the wrapping up and anticipation of a new year, family, food, fun and the Holidays! In a recent blog I expressed about how I’d rather spend my money on experiences rather than things. Short story…It was October 2015 when the photographer’s work who I absolutely love and aspire (Ross Oscar Knight) had a workshop. In finding that workshop online, I also saw of another workshop he was having in Croatia, Italy, and some other far away expensive and beautiful places. Well, some bad person wanted to bomb up the airport in one of the countries and that messed up that trip. I had a chance to be a second photographer with the best photographer on my team to Hawaii. Bahamas.  Somewhere… I forgot. But that didn’t work out. But then, my best friend in the whole wide world and her Belgium based company, with her global manager position title whatever asked her to conduct a training or something in Sweden.

Now, I don’t know what you and your best friend do, and how far y’alls history go, but as for mine, when after the training and work stuff got done…And she expressed interest in spending some extra days in a foreign country…Heck yeah!!! I’ll meet you and explore it with you. How much does it cost? What Dates? How much? Don’t matter, I got it. I’m there. It was only one of the most memorable experiences to date. Won’t He do it? If you let Him!

Since 2015 I had planned to go to Europe. A bombing on one opportunity, a cancellation 3 weeks before the other opportunity, and bad timing on the third opportunity would make most people spend that money on something else or go somewhere else. But God worked it out and Paris/London bound I went. So as I start a series of blog entries to share most of the trip, know that I am so blessed to have an Awesome God, family and best friend. I don’t know what you and your best friend can do, but mine and I sure enjoyed Paris and London. Vegas, Atlanta and New York are nice, but we went bigger and harder. Save up. Take a look…