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New Year’s Party | 2017 | Ritz-Carlton

So thankful for all the things in 2016, and looking forward to 2017. The new year started with momentum already from the last part of 2016. Newer ideas, concepts and plans on execution. And a renewed opportunity with King Entertainment to photograph some parts of #GorgeousAtTheRitz. Charlotte, NC and King Entertainment are 1 of 2 only parties that I ever photograph. You have got to be upscale, safe and classy for my selective, mature and bourgeoisie  team to participate. The Ritz-Carlton provided such an atmosphere and the Around The Block Photo-Booth rendered services for the New Year’s Party. Trying out some new things and setting the tone for 2017, we had a blast. All of the images can be found on our NEW WEBSITE under the Photo-Booth category. Take a look…


{Photo-Booth!!!} | Terrence & Porsche Allen | 6.1.2013

                    Thanks to Terrence and Porsche for allowing the Around The Block Photo-Booth to capture some fun times at their wedding. View the full set of images at Look for the event 6.1.2013. It’s always fun in the Booth…


{Sneak Peek!!!} | Terrence & Porsche Allen | 701 Whaley | Columbia, SC

                Being  a second shooter for Jerome Pearson Photography, I was able to help capture some of the love at this wedding. Beautiful venue, pretty people, and an awesome photographer team. More to come later…








{Photo-Booth!!!} | January 18, 2013 | Columbia, SC

It’s good to know people, and even better when you become a familiar face around them. I’ve seen the Roundtree’s from grade school all the way to now. I’ve worked with her husband through my first business (computer repair), and her oldest daughter (whose wedding i photographed) was the first person I captured with the 1st lens I bought (50mm F1.8).  This awesome looking 60 year old birthday woman reminds me of my aunts and family…She has a bunch of light skin sisters all with different personalities, and one brother. She has talented children, a huge family and plenty of resources within her own family. I know she is surrounded with love, and an awesome 60’s themed birthday party she had. Here are some of my favorites… 1.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-71.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-111.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-161.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-181.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-291.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-351.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-361.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-541.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-551.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-641.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-741.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-771.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-861.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-901.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-971.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-1031.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-1101.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-1171.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-1361.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-1371.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-1401.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-1461.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-1501.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-1671.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-1771.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-1821.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-1961.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-1981.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-1991.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-2061.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-2101.18.2013BettyeRoundtree60th-330