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jade & jovan engagement

First engagement session of the year!!! Attractive couple, great energy and so much creativity! I’m super excited for this wedding in July! My team and I will be able to capture a unique wedding after hearing all of their plans. This engagement session started near the apartment of the engaged couple. With the eye of Dr. Jade and cooperation of Jovan we easily made it happen…literally a few steps outside of the home. Talk about not having to go far. The first outfit, all black, served as a more formal approach to the couple. We went to an opening of tall wheat looking grass nearby and some shots using teh bamboo canes as a background. Also close by was a body of water from the nearby river.  Some tall oaks with Spanish moss helped create a spot for more pictures before looking at the water itself.                                                                                                                                                                           After a misty, gloomy early morning, it really ended up being a very pretty day. Perfect for an outfit change. And that’s what they did. Whites and blues of denim created the second look as we traveled to the popular Riverfront Park. Near the famous red door we started with some creative ways to use the huge water pipe. A little bit of athleticism, creativity, posing and a couple of laughs later, we used the red door, amphitheater, steps and benches to finish our session. Congratulations and super excited about July!!!                                                                                                                                                     Want images like these of your own session? Contact us as we love talking about pictures! Feel free to “Like” us on Facebook and “Follow” us on Instagram.

{Wedding} | Ashleigh & Sean | South Carolina Archives & History Center

Back in June 2015, I teamed up again with FOKAS photography for the unity of Ashleigh and Sean. Ashleigh’s bridal session was done a few weeks ago where i met her two lovely daughters, good looking mom and all the smiles between all of them. The wedding started with a head full of long, pretty natural hair styled by Divine Oasis Salon. From there, the ladies got prepared at the ceremony location,Second Nazareth Baptist Church. The church had enough space to sit everyone comfortably, and to see the ceremony with unobstructed views. Following the ceremony, we traveled to the reception venue, the South Carolina History & Archives Center. With a sweets table, decorations in blue, white and black, we celebrated with plenty of fun, food, and good times. Congratulations AShleigh and Sean!!! Interested in having images like these of your own? Feel free to contact us. Be sure to “Like” us on Facebook and follow us on instagram. Take a look…

{Throwback}{Wedding} |Megan & Bradley | Mepkin Abbey

Another blog entry from the “Throwback” series, we are happy to present Megan & Bradley. This beautiful wedding was held at the Mepkin Abbey venue in Mt. Pleasant, SC. Inside the WIld Dunes Resort, the  Bride-to-be and her bridal party prepared for the wedding. Celeste Penny Fortier  of Salon Latitude did an awesome job with Megan’s hair and make-up. Plenty of fun, laughter and play for the women as they got ready. The reception was at The Pepper Mill Plantation’s Pavilion. A rustic and barn inspired venue, we ate well with catering from the Cast Iron food truck with deserts and sweets from Cupcake Downsouth. Another awesome wedding from being a second shooter to FOKAS Photography.  Like what you see? Consider clicking “Like” on our facebook page. Interested in having images like these of your own? Contact us so we can talk. Take a look…

10_17_2014_megan_&_bradley_wedding-461 10_17_2014_megan_&_bradley_wedding-469 10_17_2014_megan_&_bradley_wedding-506 10_17_2014_megan_&_bradley_wedding-513 10_17_2014_megan_&_bradley_wedding-516 10_17_2014_megan_&_bradley_wedding-528



Fare Thee Well | Columbia, SC | State House | Charleston 9


This whole week seemed to be one of those weeks where everything falls into place. Life is like that sometimes. You may have a plan, and things don’t work out, but then, things seem to come together one by one and everything is simply all right. For a while, there has been tension, disappointment, anger and lots of other emotions concerning South Carolina. The Emmanuel AME Church and the Confederate flag has really been saturating media, and it has affected a lot of us. Here is my abbreviated lil story that led me right to the State house grounds….

I got a new truck February of 2014. From the beginning I couldn’t fuel up without the gas nozzle stopping prematurely. I thought all gas stations were evil except Exxon. My transmission went out but warranty took care of that for me. Ever since the transmission I would hear this loud “Bump” when I hit the gas. SO I didn’t hit the gas so hard anymore and I didn’t hear the bump. I needed an oil change before going out of town, and didn’t have time for AAA Repair Center to check all the other disrespectful amber warning lights from the dashboard panel. But when I came back, I couldn’t get fuel at all, so I had to take it back to the shop.

About 3 weeks from waiting for a back-ordered part, they finally got my fuel evaporative system and $1,300  worth of other stuff cooperating just so I could get some fuel. Then they told me my motor mounts needed replacing, but they couldn’t do it. Dude suggested that I get them bolted and welded. Didn’t sound right to me, so I took it to the welding man, who told me he wasn’t doing it. Took it back to where I got my transmission replaced, and after he drove it around, he told me the guy who could do it was on vacation. So he gave me another shop who could get it done for me this same week. Called, but they said bring it in the next day as they were to busy. Long story short, took it in Wednesday, but they had to order parts and finish up Thursday. Thursday came and they needed more time…so Friday was the completion date.

With the nature of the unfortunate events in Charleston, SC and the national plea to remove the Confederate flag, votes have been submitted, and the result is the flag is coming down. The State house is a minute walk from the car shop that my truck is in. I was supposed to be in Charleston preparing for a wedding but with no truck, I wasn’t going anywhere. Instead of watching it on the news or Facebook feed, I said I’ll catch the bus, get to the State House, witness history, fellowship in the crowd, take some pictures, walk to the shop, pay some money and leave better than when I arrived. And so I did.

After missing the first bus because the online time and the actual times were different, I drove to the gas station where the bus stop is. I waited in the hot sun, and almost gave up and walked back to the truck. After making a call and being convinced that the bus was late, but coming, I walked again to the bus stop. I waited and saw it coming and felt the excitement. On the bus, the bus driver new the passengers already on the bus and they were engaged with their conversations. I pulled out my big camera and an older man with nice shoes plus the two elderly women asked if I were taking pictures of the flag. We conversed all the way to the station and I got off the bus knowing 3 more people.

Helping the elderly woman, I secured us a seat in some shade. Not the best of views, but we were surrounded with positive energy, embraced in each other’s diversity and waiting for the flag to come down. It was a good day for SC. I saw several folk I knew, met some new people, witnessed history and got my truck back. Take a look…
7_10_2015_take_the_flag_down_columbia_sc-2 7_10_2015_take_the_flag_down_columbia_sc-5 7_10_2015_take_the_flag_down_columbia_sc-8 7_10_2015_take_the_flag_down_columbia_sc-14 7_10_2015_take_the_flag_down_columbia_sc-16 7_10_2015_take_the_flag_down_columbia_sc-21 7_10_2015_take_the_flag_down_columbia_sc-22 7_10_2015_take_the_flag_down_columbia_sc-23 7_10_2015_take_the_flag_down_columbia_sc-24 7_10_2015_take_the_flag_down_columbia_sc-42 7_10_2015_take_the_flag_down_columbia_sc-46 7_10_2015_take_the_flag_down_columbia_sc-55 7_10_2015_take_the_flag_down_columbia_sc-57 7_10_2015_take_the_flag_down_columbia_sc-64 7_10_2015_take_the_flag_down_columbia_sc-73 7_10_2015_take_the_flag_down_columbia_sc-79 7_10_2015_take_the_flag_down_columbia_sc-84 7_10_2015_take_the_flag_down_columbia_sc-86 7_10_2015_take_the_flag_down_columbia_sc-87 7_10_2015_take_the_flag_down_columbia_sc-99 7_10_2015_take_the_flag_down_columbia_sc-100 7_10_2015_take_the_flag_down_columbia_sc-103 7_10_2015_take_the_flag_down_columbia_sc-106 7_10_2015_take_the_flag_down_columbia_sc-126 7_10_2015_take_the_flag_down_columbia_sc-133 7_10_2015_take_the_flag_down_columbia_sc-135 7_10_2015_take_the_flag_down_columbia_sc-139 7_10_2015_take_the_flag_down_columbia_sc-154 7_10_2015_take_the_flag_down_columbia_sc-164 7_10_2015_take_the_flag_down_columbia_sc-166 7_10_2015_take_the_flag_down_columbia_sc-176 7_10_2015_take_the_flag_down_columbia_sc-184 7_10_2015_take_the_flag_down_columbia_sc-185 7_10_2015_take_the_flag_down_columbia_sc-189 7_10_2015_take_the_flag_down_columbia_sc-198 7_10_2015_take_the_flag_down_columbia_sc-201 7_10_2015_take_the_flag_down_columbia_sc-203 7_10_2015_take_the_flag_down_columbia_sc-207 7_10_2015_take_the_flag_down_columbia_sc-213 7_10_2015_take_the_flag_down_columbia_sc-219 7_10_2015_take_the_flag_down_columbia_sc-222 7_10_2015_take_the_flag_down_columbia_sc-228 7_10_2015_take_the_flag_down_columbia_sc-230 7_10_2015_take_the_flag_down_columbia_sc-238 7_10_2015_take_the_flag_down_columbia_sc-240 7_10_2015_take_the_flag_down_columbia_sc-241

{Melanie & Emmanuel} | Engaged!!! | Columbia, SC

Melanie and Emmanuel was a great couple to photograph. I met them through a friend who showed them some of my work. A few calls and emails later and we met up in Columbia’s Vista area for their engagement session. Now, I started a work out plan (Body Beast) so i could bulk up like Mr. Emmanuel…It’s not working. But Melanie and Emmanuel were to well dressed, loving individuals and the photo-shoot could not have went more smooth. Awesome weather, great locations and high expectations. Take a look…


6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-4 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-7 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-13 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-14 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-15 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-22 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-23 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-29 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-35 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-36 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-40 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-43 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-45 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-47 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-50 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-51 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-58 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-59 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-67 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-73 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-74 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-77 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-83 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-89 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-91 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-95 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-100 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-104 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-106 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-125 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-126 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-131 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-135 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-143 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-149 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-153 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-156 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-157 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-162 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-165 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-173 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-182 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-187 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-205 6_5_2015_melanie_emmanuel_engagement-209




{Engagement} | Mahogany & Antonio | Columbia, SC

It’s always a good day when I’m shooting. Today was Mahogany & Antonio’s engagement session in Downtown, Columbia, SC. We started out with the whole family and a few chalk board messages. Then, the kids left and the adults went to a nice church off Sumter street. We walked around the church grounds and then across the street to the Sate house. Finally, a super fast prop came off the trailer for some really good sunset shots. A silver motorcycle was used to enhance an already energetic and comical couple. Up on the garage we posted against the Columbia skyline for our last few shots. Interested in having your own awesome photography session? Contact me so we can explore your vision and options. Take a look…

4_24_2015_mahogany_and_tony_engagement-4 4_24_2015_mahogany_and_tony_engagement-20 4_24_2015_mahogany_and_tony_engagement-50 4_24_2015_mahogany_and_tony_engagement-57 4_24_2015_mahogany_and_tony_engagement-60 4_24_2015_mahogany_and_tony_engagement-66 4_24_2015_mahogany_and_tony_engagement-80 4_24_2015_mahogany_and_tony_engagement-81 4_24_2015_mahogany_and_tony_engagement-91 4_24_2015_mahogany_and_tony_engagement-98 4_24_2015_mahogany_and_tony_engagement-103 4_24_2015_mahogany_and_tony_engagement-106 4_24_2015_mahogany_and_tony_engagement-109 4_24_2015_mahogany_and_tony_engagement-114 4_24_2015_mahogany_and_tony_engagement-115 4_24_2015_mahogany_and_tony_engagement-120 4_24_2015_mahogany_and_tony_engagement-135 4_24_2015_mahogany_and_tony_engagement-139 4_24_2015_mahogany_and_tony_engagement-168 4_24_2015_mahogany_and_tony_engagement-186 4_24_2015_mahogany_and_tony_engagement-203 4_24_2015_mahogany_and_tony_engagement-219 4_24_2015_mahogany_and_tony_engagement-222 4_24_2015_mahogany_and_tony_engagement-234 4_24_2015_mahogany_and_tony_engagement-237 4_24_2015_mahogany_and_tony_engagement-242 4_24_2015_mahogany_and_tony_engagement-250

{Hitched!!!} | Jonathan & David | Lexington, SC

Being a second shooter to Cory Smith of Idol Image Media Group, I was able to capture the ceremony of Jonathan & David at the Wintergreen Woods venue in Lexington, SC.The ceremony and reception was decorated beautifully in the colors of purple and aqua blue. The rain held off and we were able to capture these awesome images from the ceremony. Thanks to the Around The Block Photo team Shandelle of b3 Photography, Dominikii Coleman and Tierra Williams. Take a look…


7_12_2014_johnathan_and_david_wedding-5 7_12_2014_johnathan_and_david_wedding-7 7_12_2014_johnathan_and_david_wedding-8 7_12_2014_johnathan_and_david_wedding-9 7_12_2014_johnathan_and_david_wedding-12 7_12_2014_johnathan_and_david_wedding-14 7_12_2014_johnathan_and_david_wedding-16 7_12_2014_johnathan_and_david_wedding-69 7_12_2014_johnathan_and_david_wedding-72-2 7_12_2014_johnathan_and_david_wedding-79 7_12_2014_johnathan_and_david_wedding-84 7_12_2014_johnathan_and_david_wedding-99 7_12_2014_johnathan_and_david_wedding-107 7_12_2014_johnathan_and_david_wedding-124 7_12_2014_johnathan_and_david_wedding-129 7_12_2014_johnathan_and_david_wedding-143 7_12_2014_johnathan_and_david_wedding-152 7_12_2014_johnathan_and_david_wedding-193 7_12_2014_johnathan_and_david_wedding-233 7_12_2014_johnathan_and_david_wedding-255 7_12_2014_johnathan_and_david_wedding-260 7_12_2014_johnathan_and_david_wedding-262 7_12_2014_johnathan_and_david_wedding-297 7_12_2014_johnathan_and_david_wedding-298 7_12_2014_johnathan_and_david_wedding-353 7_12_2014_johnathan_and_david_wedding-355 7_12_2014_johnathan_and_david_wedding-361 7_12_2014_johnathan_and_david_wedding-362

{Trash The Dress!!!} | Fort Mill, SC | Bridal Session

Another post from an event MONTHS ago is this Trash The Dress session.  Lynnwood Equestrian Center in Fort Mill, SC boasted 25 acres of country. With plenty of horses, miles of riding trails and hay bales as our background, on this day two brides were willing to trash their dress for a day of fun, creative and different shooting. We took advantage of the Massey Ferguson (tractor), stalls, cowgirl boots and mud to capture something not usually seen by brides. Take a look…


2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_003 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_008 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_010 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_025 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_038 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_042 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_046 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_070 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_076 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_079 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_085 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_087 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_091 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_099 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_124 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_133 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_141 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_165 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_169 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_175 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_196 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_200 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_212 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_219 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_222 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_245 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_290 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_322 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_325 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_337 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_339 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_349 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_352 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_368 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_375 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_380 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_407 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_418 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_437 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_464 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_471 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_481 2_9_2012_trash_the_dress_490

{Sneak Peek!!!} | Katrina + Kimron Brown Wedding

               With an awesome couple, plenty of preparation and help from FOKAS Photography, Katrina & Kimron Brown had a beautiful ceremony and reception at Brooklyn Baptist Church. Just a few images for a sneak peek…


Candace Holloman {Photo-Shoot}!!!