{Wedding} | Alissa & Dwayne | Isle of Palms

This wedding was the first of three this weekend. The first of two in one day. And it started at 6AM. My first Sunrise wedding, I went to Charleston, SC the night before and stayed on my favorite part…Daniel’s Island. About 5AM I was in route to help celebrate Alissa & Dwayne. A cool, dark drive into the Isle of Palms I grabbed my gear and headed to the house after getting some shots on the beach itself first. With the smallest saxophone I ever saw in life, the smooth runs and riffs echoed the sounds from the waves hitting the shore. After some preparation shots, the sun began to emerge and so did the guests. This first time experience really was a a beautiful wedding. The beach and outside provided unique elements you simply just won’t find inside. Sand, crabs, salt water, 100+ marathon runners…Good times! Interested in obtaining images like these of your own? Contact us to see how. Take a look…

9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_001 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_003 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_015 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_031 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_047 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_061 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_074 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_077 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_078 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_084 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_090 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_109 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_110 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_111 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_114 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_117 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_125 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_132 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_145 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_156 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_172 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_184 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_186 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_192 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_196 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_218 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_242 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_249 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_250 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_252 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_261 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_263 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_267 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_272 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_275 9.19.2015_alissa_and_dwayne_wedding_300


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    Anonymous February 25, 2016

    Absolutely beautiful!

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    Shonda February 26, 2016

    Beautiful sis!
    Shonda (CB)

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